Minecraft Server Branding and Organization with VentureCraft

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VentureCraft is a brand-new survival Minecraft server, jam-packed with content for you to explore.

Innovation that excites

With features such as towns, nations, quests, magic, custom items, custom bosses, dungeons, and more, there will always be something fresh and exciting to enjoy. Our primary focus as a new Minecraft server is to always put the player first and to build a strong, connected community. With updates every week, the administration and development team are constantly working hard to improve and expand the VentureCraft experience.

We recently opened in April 2020 bringing with us new ideas and innovations. When creating the VentureCraft server, the administration had a vision where a player can join and create their own adventure. Whether a player joins to live in a town, build an empire, or become a master warlock -- all of this is possible in VentureCraft.

VentureCraft Minecraft Server

Community in Unity

As mentioned previously, the most important part of VentureCraft is the community. Our community’s voice is the pinnacle piece of change as we continue to update and develop the server.

Why listening your community this important?

There are hundreds of different Minecraft servers in the market. A prospective player truly has more choices than they even know what to do with. However, too many Minecraft servers are focused on keeping the “authority” and “power” in the hands of the administration. That is not the case at VentureCraft.

How do we listen our community?

The administration leads through diplomacy and democracy. The player community chooses the changes we implement. In our Discord channel, we have a suggestions tab that articulates what the players are most interested in. This is how we keep the community at the forefront of the server.

Branding 101

When the original VentureCraft team convened the first focus was on the brand of the server. What colors? What slogan? What theme? What style? Font? The list was truly endless but extremely important. A brand is something that really identifies an individual company or group. We purchased a contracted service to develop our logo and the rest of our graphics have been made through various digital software programs.

Welcome to VentureCraft banner

VentureCraft Branding Asset

How to make your Minecraft server branding?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Be consistent
  2. Choose a max of two (2) fonts to be utilized throughout your marketing
  3. Establish your color hex codes
  4. Put your logo on EVERYTHING!
  5. Stay on theme
  6. Have a single person do graphic design to keep things consistent
  7. Did I mention consistency?


VentureCraft server offline banner

Offline website banner

VentureCraft server offline banner
VentureCraft event banner
VentureCraft server events planning

More branding assets for events

VentureCraft social medias
VentureCraft announcements

Even more branding assets. Again: Consistency.

Business Behind the Scenes

The last topic I want to share is what business behind the scenes truly is like. As the owner of VentureCraft I am responsible for overseeing all of our various departments and other administration members. I maintain a very hands-off leadership approach. I encourage this! This allows your team members to learn and grow in their individual position. This also allows you to see solutions from a different perspective. The most important thing I can recommend to a new startup or growing server is to have an organized staff tree. See below:

VentureCraft Organizational Chart

VentureCraft Organizational Chart

Now, as you can see we have three people in our administration. That would be Iris, Coco, and I with each of us having our own specific focus/task. For example, Iris is in the Chief of Staff position within the administration. She oversees our department leads of the building staff and the moderation staff. Then as you move down the tree we have Zewmy and Roberto who both oversee their respective teams. This helps the flow of work stay continuous and also ensures the server isn’t constantly waiting for an administrator to get on.

This is also a good way to start to develop the skills of your team members! While Minecraft is a video game it can also be utilized as a great learning tool. Our staff members learn different styles of leadership and communication within their own respective workgroups (P.S. look at the branding consistency!). Remember that not every Minecraft server looks the exact same in regard to the staff! This is just a structure that has been working for us. As we continue to grow and change so will this staffing structure.

The last little note I want to leave you off with is to stay dynamic and flexible in your role on your Minecraft server. Whether your a seasoned administrator or a brand new player – you never know what could change! Keep focused on the purpose of your server and stay narrowed in on the vision. We are all just a player at heart and there is always an adventure ahead.