United Factions: Unite to conquer and raid!

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Dear Minecraft community, Player, NPC, entity or Factions player, Bedrock Player,

It would be very unlikely that we have met before, or that you know who we are. However, our Minecraft Faction server is nearly 10 years old…

Back in 2011 we started up a Faction Server, a Minecraft server, a Minecraft Factions server that was meant to be a safe space for many players, experienced players, new players, raiders and builders!

We had a great community, if you would like to see some of it, we suggest you YouTube search for "united factions server" However our server died a few years later due to personal circumstances of the admins.

But now we are back online!

Yes, there are many other Minecraft Faction servers you can play, and why should you play on ours you ask yourself reading and looking at this topic on Planet Minecraft, well... it's because we have experience and passion... and a great server with over 500 hours of work to complete building and setting up.

Introduction | Our Staff & Team

Let me introduce ourselves we are SupaYoshi and SirMario1. We are Minecraft players from the first hour, and early Minecraft server adopters. SupaYoshi is a system administrator and Linux engineer, and SirMario1 is an experienced Minecraft Server admin. We have had some great help from experienced Minecraft builders designing our spawn, buildings and so much more. You can find more about our build team on the website.

United Factions castle

Why you should consider playing on United Factions?

What’s unique about United Factions is that it is a Faction Server built with passion and love for Minecraft Factions. Not to monetize the server for money. Many servers focussing on Factions tend to stretch towards earning money from the server. United Factions attempts to be a different fish in the ocean. Our server is not intended to be monetized. Yet we try to give players on our Faction server the best in game experience. We know how annoying lag is from experience, rollbacks, lost server data, lost player data, been there done that! You, our player are the product of this server. The server is a community in which everyone is able to connect and build good memories. We were able to do that for an entire generation of players back in 2011 - 2013. Many have asked us to return earlier, pursuing old nostalgic memories perhaps. The secret is, it’s not the server that makes the game great, it’s the players playing the server that make the experience. Now we offer you a great Factions server, support you the player, and we care for your valuable time spend online on it, are you ready to jump into the realm of online Minecraft servers? Hope to see you online @, make sure to join our social media channels and visit our website.

United Factions village

More updates to come

We’d like to announce that we will be writing and giving you more updates on a weekly basis on this blog hopefully as well as some YouTube content to be upcoming about the making off our server spawn and server.