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Serverlobby is a sleeker, fairer, better and free platform for promoting your Minecraft server.

Create your own server page

Your server, your branding.

Serverlobby is the only server listing that lets you create a server page and customize every aspect of it. Put your own logo, select a background and pick an accent color.

We value images, so you can add your own screenshots and artworks. Want to show the latest news of your server on your page? You can.

Artworks made by Kyronic

We don't rank servers by votes count

Instead, there is Server Score.

Serverlobby collects reviews from your players to analyze your server strengths and weaknesses.

We use that to compute the Server Score which determines your server ranking. Votes only have a small impact on your Server Score. That way, even small and medium servers can be on top of our ranking.

You can get featured for free

Write your own story.

Have something to share about your server? Whether it's an upcoming event or a development update, we got a blog open to you.

Server owners can write stories about their servers on Serverlobby's blog and it's a free way to get featured on Serverlobby's homepage.

We connect to your system

Advanced features to cover all your needs.

We can notify you when one of your player votes for your server, so you can reward them.

We can even connect to your Discord to fetch your latest server news.

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