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A Vanilla Plus gameplay on a 1-1000 scale Earth

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Server presentation

After nearly 3 months of internal whitelisted playtesting,
we're at a stage now where we're comfortable to announce the public version of 404Earth.

A 1-1000 scale version of the earths surface, and an aproximation of it's caves and ore densities,
Including pregenerated nation borders, major roads and rivers.

All of which is under a vanilla plus gameplay. No absurd plugins.
Just plugins that add features that should already be in the game.


  • Land claims
  • Player dictated economy
  • Movecraft vessels
  • Machine learning Anti-Cheat
  • Enterprise grade hardware
  • No P2W features
  • Experienced admins
  • Bedrock Support

We're running on enterprise grade hardware, and completely self hosted,
So no middleman hosting company to risk additional downtime.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can join us bellow:

Current Version: 1.16.3 Java / 1.16.40 Bedrock
IP: mc.404inc.org
DYNMAP: earth.404inc.org
SITE: 404inc.org
DISCORD: discord.404inc.org

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Finally finished my edit of the video about the new server.
Check it out www.youtube.com/watc...

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