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Welcome to Age of Conquest! A brand new Towny server that uses the map of the Earth. We also have fan favoruite plugins like MCMMO or Custom Enchants!

Our server is built on two pillars: Economy and War.

Money can be acquired in two main ways: crop farming and mob farming. We have a system of custom spawners to make mob farming easier and fun, the more money you make, the more spawners you can buy, the more money you make, etc...!

The other main feature of the server is war. You can stay as a neutral, pacific town for as long as you want, but if you want to expand into a nation, you will need to be prepared for war! We use the new version of Towny War, so if you're interested in trying it, come by!

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Thanks evereyone for your patience while we reworked the server. We have finished the last tweaks and though we expect some minor bugs in the upcoming days (which we will be ready to fix as they are reported) all the major changes are ready:

New map! Sixteen times bigger than the last one.
Teleportation reworked It has been reworked to make it a more hardcore experience, all tpa, home, etc... have been removed. T spawn and /spawn still works.
Economy Reworked We have added two new currencies, they will be explained further in the changelog.
Trade Outposts We have established 5 outposts around the world with NPC where you can buy and sell items and commodities. You can gain a profit by trading between them.
Trains! Added a way to make linked minecarts, which are faster than vanilla. This way you can make fast connections between towns and outposts.
Abilities We've added an abilities system, that provide some light boosts in things like fire resistance, poison resistance, etc... More info on the changelog.
Added Backpacks
Added ChestShops

An extensive list with all changes will be released tomorrow at Discord.


We will be waiting for you! Prizes and giveaways will be hosted in the upcoming days


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