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Blockfront is a Brand New, Never Be For Seen, Star Wars Survival Experience with Weekly Updates!

With Custom Blasters like the E-11 or DH-17 the dynamic of the game is truly changed!

A Cool Force Power Progression System where you can unlock a ton of Force Abilities to use in combat also shifts Gameplay.

Some examples are Force Freeze, Force Push/Pull , Force Lightning, etc

Lightsabers are also obtainable through crafting and quests - With Over 20 Different Types!

Roleplay is also another massive element of the Server and our players love to live out their star wars fantasies!

Factions Lite: The server runs on Factions lite meaning that raiding is only possible through over claiming. This helps people create amazing structures, without having to worry about being griefed. While, also allowing for Wars in Star Wars!

Other Features Include:Bounties, Player Events, Mini-Bosses , Arenas, Bosses, Planets, Paintball, Speeder Bikes, Custom Mobs!

You Can Relive Your Star Wars Memories!
Lets see you on the Blockfront soldier and remember... May The Blocks Be With You!

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I absolutely love this server. It’s really fun and creative. Never a dull moment. Always something to do. Hands down my favourite faction server and also Star Wars related servers. Everything is well done and the Admin is super nice. Everyone is welcoming and willing to help those who may not know what to do.

As far as lightsabers, I really like the mechanics and the colour options. I donated to the server and got the supreme leader rank. That comes along with the ability to craft a cross guard lightsaber.

Force powers are really fun and useful. As well as the blasters. Definitely one of my favourites as I like ranged weapons too.

The arenas are amazingly built to fight the mythic mobs at. Easy way to earn money while having fun. I haven’t enjoyed a server as much as I have this one.
~~Rachel (__Kylo_Ren__)

Blockfront II is definitely among the best servers out there! While this server includes numerous, enjoyable ways to immerse yourself in the Minecraft galaxy of Star Wars, the staff is understanding, friendly, and always willing to help. If you're looking for a great server to spend some time on, I absolutely would recommend this one!

This server is definitely the best Star Wars server out there! The community is very nice and welcoming. I can assure you that you’ll have a good time if you join. There’s multiple force powers and lightsabers followed many other unique plugins which makes the experience on this server even better!

The admins can be a bit questionable and the events die off when initial hype is gone. There aren't many good prizes for participation in high scale events.

This is a really fun server, I've spent nearly 80 hours on it now and love it. The saber and force mechanics are well made and the people are nice too

This server is my favorote server to play on it really has a good star wars vibe and the builds are fantastic. the players and staff are freindly and help you when ever you neeed it.


March Mini Crate Update
- Added some new items to each of the crates

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February Micro Patch 1

- Nerfed EE-3’s Damage

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