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Blockfront is a Brand New, Never Be For Seen, Star Wars Survival Experience with Weekly Updates!

With Custom Blasters like the E-11 or DH-17 the dynamic of the game is truly changed!

A Cool Force Power Progression System where you can unlock a ton of Force Abilities to use in combat also shifts Gameplay.

Some examples are Force Freeze, Force Push/Pull , Force Lightning, etc

Lightsabers are also obtainable through crafting and quests - With Over 20 Different Types!

Roleplay is also another massive element of the Server and our players love to live out their star wars fantasies!

Factions Lite: The server runs on Factions lite meaning that raiding is only possible through over claiming. This helps people create amazing structures, without having to worry about being griefed. While, also allowing for Wars in Star Wars!

Other Features Include:Bounties, Player Events, Mini-Bosses , Arenas, Bosses, Planets, Paintball, Speeder Bikes, Custom Mobs!

You Can Relive Your Star Wars Memories!
Lets see you on the Blockfront soldier and remember... May The Blocks Be With You!

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The server is very fun and I enjoy playing it a lot.

Really nice staff, incredible mods and plugins and very friendly community, almost like a family. An overall great experience for Star wars fans

Its the perfect server for those that appreciate Star Wars and Minecraft. A incredible experience with tons of awesome perks that really make you immerse in this unique universe. 10/10

Blockfront II is an amazing server if you are a big star wars fan! The community is rich and really loves star wars. With weekly updates and competitions, every day seems like an adventure

A great sever for a mostly laid back faction time. People on the server are really chill and understanding, plus it's getting constant updates with new maps, new weapons, and new features.


February Micro Patch 1

- Nerfed EE-3’s Damage

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The Wilds Await....

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