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CraftedCandor is a bungeecord network contain three playable servers. 1.16.2.

Firstly we have our Creative server. Every player will be given a large plot to build anything they wish. The best builds will then be added to our hall of fame, and will be rewarded for their efforts!

Then we have our Towny server. The aim of the game is to earn load of money to buy your town, then run your nation. Ruling multiple towns and conquering the world. Furthermore, we have added vehicles to the mix, this will allow players to travel faster as well as having a more creative way to turn up to the party!

Lastly, our Vanilla server. This is a simple no plugin server. Allowing our players to enjoy the beauty of Minecraft without any enhancements. Just watch out, there maybe some evil Herobrine out there, so you better keep your diamonds safe!

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