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Like Minecraft? Want to create awesome builds? Play with friendly people? Get involved in building contests? Survive the nights and discover new worlds? Then join us today, you won't regret it!

We're a Minecraft network and community that has been around since 2011, with no major world reset: we're in this for the long term! We're always looking for friendly new faces to join us. Our staff is active to help newcomers get started and to fix issues quickly. Griefing is not tolerated and quickly reverted. Our primary gameplay mode and focus is near-vanilla survival, but we also offer alternatives described below. Several community builds have been created over time, like an extensive rail network, for the benefit of all. View our Seven Wonders for a showcase of what our players have done in the past!

We welcome Minecraft newcomers and veteran builders alike, and we want you to feel at home! Our network is run on a fast, dedicated hardware server to prevent lag as much as possible.

Tired of mining and crafting? We're got alternatives for those looking for a chance of pace:

  • More than a hundred achievements, ranging from building targets to exploration... and explosions;
  • Challenges, with a new map every month;
  • Adventure areas, with custom loot;
  • Minigames, like parkour and PvP;
  • And more!

Registration is required to access most survival worlds, but we also have a starter world where you can start to play right now. There are multiple benefits to registration, including achievements tracking, a custom web profile, and the ability to earn Merit Points through various events! The process is automatic, so you can get in within minutes.

We also have a Discord server, linked with the in-game chat, so people can stay in touch with other builders even outside the game anywhere!

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A great near-vanilla survival server with multiple worlds to choose from and a nice community. You also get access to useful resources outside of game like the game-linked website with live map and updates. I'm impressed by Creeper's Lab and I'm here to stay.

Just an awesome experience in general. Would highly recommend.

Love the server, i like how interactive the staff are and everyone helps out alot!

Lots of fun

its great adds a lot more features to the survival aspect of the game and makes it a whole new challenge. Very fun

fantastic survival server with a great community, even if a little strict on bans


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