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A small community based survival server

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Come have a relaxing time after a hard days work. No need to worry about grief, stealing, or losing your items on death, Cubera has measures in place to avoid these stressing circumstances.
Cubera aims to be as close to vanilla survival as possible, with some added conveniences to make your experience more enjoyable. This way you can focus on your personal survival goals, without fearing others getting in your way.

Build and create your next base with friends or our community in a classic survival environment.

  • Friendly community
  • Chest Locks
  • Death Chest (No worrying about items despawning)
  • Mob catching in eggs
  • Silk Spawners
  • Jobs
  • Residence (land claiming)
  • No fire spread or explosion damage above water level
  • Crop trampling is off
  • In-game ranks
  • Player warps
  • Many homes
  • A wide range of land claim flags to suit your needs
  • Speedy server hardware based in the US (lag free)
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I don't just adore the plethora of plugins Cubera has, but also the welcoming community that makes playing there so fun and enjoyable.


I have had so much fun playing on Cubera for the past 2 years! I have made some of my best friends while playing on the server, and the community is fantastic. It's very refreshing to have a mostly-vanilla experience among the flood of mini-game and prison servers.


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We are looking for staff!
The path to staff has changed slightly from previous periods, more information on this is located on the main form page.
This application period will run for an extended amount of time (TBD) with some applicants being promoted before the period ends.
You may apply again this period if you were previously unsuccessful in another application period.

Please submit your applications via the link below:

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Some users may experience connectivity issues to the server over the next 24 hours.
This will clear up on it's own within 24 hours.

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