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Welcome to DezoCraft We offer many unique experiences on our new Dezo Adventures server, continuing from the Void Adventures storyline!

While we offer unique servers and experiences, we make classic SMP, Skyblock and Prison experiences for you all to enjoy.

Prison is currently under works, join our discord for updates on that!

DezoCraft is hiring staff, apply on our forums!

We are open to all players, and listen to feedback the best we can to give you all the best time on our network possible.

We don't have a server on our network that you like? Leave a suggestion, we will listen to it and consider getting it done for you and your friends to enjoy!

Early stages of Dezo DezoCraft is in it's early stages and you may experience a few bugs here and there, but that is okay, our friendly staff team will happily assist you with bugs and constant issues you experience on our network and work quickly to get it resolved!

The server is owned by 3 people, Jonpatty (Main Owner) and 2 other owners xDFloof and Veydol, you will see us around on the network, we are friendly so don't be afraid to say hi to us!

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I was gonna hold off until a week before, but this is a thanks for helping test Void Adventures Season 1.

We now know what will work best when going into season 2, so I hope you are all excited!

We have started up the End Of Season 1 sale for all Void Adventures items on the store!

Save up to 35% off all Void Adventures crates!
Save an additional 10% across the whole of the Dezo store if you use a Content Creator code (Can be found in Discord)

Sale ends June 16th 9pm BST, again thanks for the support and playing Void Adventures Season 1, we hope you will enjoy season 2!

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Delayed till next saturday.

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