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🌈EdenCraftMC [LGBTQ+ 1.8x - 1.16x]

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DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hAZBrR5yjADynmap: http://play.edencraftmc.com:8126/#
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/edencraftmc

EdenCraftMC is an LGBTQ+ friendly SMP server
Version: 1.16.5
IP: play.EdenCraftMC.com
Rules— No dating here.
— No racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.— No LGBTQ+ exclusionists— No truscum— No griefing/stealing— No non-consensual PVP, please ask first— No harassment of any kind— Swearing is okay, but keep slurs in PMs— No NSFW conversations in public chat— No hacking, QOL mods like OptiFine/MiniMap are okayBuilding rules—

Please keep builds at least 100 blocks away from another person’s build unless you have explicit permission from them— No building anything that will lag the server (lag machines, entity cramming, etc.)

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all this

and itemsadder

are our goal

we need to have it self hosted

and there has to be a system in place so players cant play without this pack

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asspor players who are new must fill out a /passport before they can play on the server

We now have a March event, to solve the issues of a troubled Leprechaun and their shenanigans gone haywire! More is released throughout the month

Update - 3/6/2021

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