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Our server focuses on quality over quantity as we strive to have a welcoming community as well as an enjoyable survival experience

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Emerald Legion is a Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft server that started back in August of 2016. Our server focuses on quality over quantity, as we strive to have a welcoming community, as well as an enjoyable survival experience.

We have several popular plugins, some of which include GriefPrevention and DynMap. We only have essential plugins to ensure the server is close to Vanilla Survival, yet still has extra added features to make gameplay enjoyable.We host several community events, server ‘field trips’, playing adventure maps, etc. as well as discussions so we can help better the future of the server and so everyone gets a voice.

It's hard to sum up the experience that you'll have on our server in words, so we encourage you to check us out for yourselves, become a part of the community, and make new friends along the way :)

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Hello everyone! Fidget/Dust here. Pre-releases for 1.17 are starting up, which means soon enough 1.17 will be out. This is a bit of a strange situation for us, since we also know way later in the year, 1.18 (the other part of Caves and Clfifs) is coming out. Now, as usual, we tend to wait for Paper and all that to update to 1.17 so we can do the update smoother, but again, 1.18. So, I've taken the liberty of making a strawpoll, and would like you guys to vote on what to do. Thanks for reading and voting!

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The server is back up

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