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Welcome to EVL Network Server

EVL Streets is a GTA styled crime server! Guns / Vehicles / Custom Textures and much more await you in this land of criminals and thugs.

EVL Block Palette is a creative server with World Edit and custom heads. All players are allocated plots and also blocks in the normal non-plot world. Quickly build cool projects and share them with your friends!

Empty Earth is a Survival/Towny/Economy Minecraft server sponsored by the EVL Gaming Community. We're a friendly bunch, with an average age ranging in the 20's and 30's, though we don't have any age restrictions. We welcome folks from all walks of life, and are mostly focused on just having fun while playing minecraft, and putting less focus on competition than some other survival servers.

We list ourselves as a server for adults, but we do not allow adult content of any kind, nor do we have any age restrictions.

Empty Earth features a steampunk/mining town spawn theme, though our player world is not themed and any build style is welcome.

The server does not feature PVP though we leave it up to players to decide if they want to engage in PVP (via town toggles, etc). PVP is enabled in the wilderness though players can teleport away from a fight if they do not wish to engage.

Game Play Elements

  • Player run economy with limited "money injection" - This is our goal, and will take some time to reach this.
  • RPG Skills and leveling
  • Jobs system for making additional funds and leveling skills
  • Towny for town and nation building.

Economy Philosophy

Our goal is to eventually reach a hands-off economy where we will dramatically reduce the amount of funds that are injected into the economy artificially. We consider any funds that are added "out of thin air" artificial, and after the initial set of players we will reduce the amount of money given. The admin team views any method of artificial money injection as a necessary evil to jump starting the economy.

Currently, town and nation upkeep is very inexpensive. Players are able to sell items at the admin spawn shops for a decent profit, though item purchase is very restrictive as we want most items to come about naturally and not be spawned in. In the future there will be a "great correction" and prices for selling items will be reduced, nation and town upkeep will increase ten-fold. Job income will also shrink, and player owned shops will increase in size and scope. The primary way to make money will shift to selling goods and items to other towns. Players will be able to purchase ads to attract attention to their shops. The relevance of admin shops, and money being created out of thin air will dissapate and become less ueful for most players.

Admin Team

Our admin and moderation teams are focused on creating an enjoyable gameplay experience and taking the feedback of our players into consideration. We are not trying to have the biggest and best minecraft server around, and our goal is always on gameplay first.

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Very nice and comfy. They teach me how to be cute and adopted me into one of the towns. They showed me twice where to find terracotta and helped me look for lost items when spider bit me since I'm new player. I'm low confidence but they make me feel happy girl noises. It's very comfy. It feels nice to play with them and the spawn area is nice.


Hi Minecrafters!

New Site! Jobs completely overhauled, Boosts! Lets dive in to the changes:

New Website! Our new website has launched! Check it out at evl.gg
New Docs Page New command reference page is live. docs.evl.gg
Map Port Changes Bluemaps and Dynmap are now available at map.evl.gg (bluemaps) and dynmap.evl.gg (dynmap).

Trade System To help players stay safe and avoid being scammed we've setup a trading system to allow players to trade items or money for various goods. Both players see what the other is trading. We've created a safe space trading location at /warp trade. Players must be within 50 blocks of one another to trade!

Jobs Overhaul and Reset All jobs have been rewritten and prices adjusted to account for the removal of the admin shop. The jobs plugin now pays out quite a lot more than previously. We've also activated a few new jobs. All players have been fired from their jobs (as of 2/2/2021 at 11:50pm PT) so you will need to rejoin your job.

Jobs Shop Points earned for jobs can be spent for special items in the jobs shop! This is something we're going to test run for a little bit. This could potentially break the economy. It is possible that this may be removed in the very near future!

Server Shop Jobs Boost We've added a new product on our Server Shop. You can now buy a global money boost! This doubles the payments for the jobs plugin for 2 hours. This boost applies to all players on the server.

Dynmap Changes Players are no longer able to hide themselves from the dynmap. Keep this in mind when thinking about stealing or killing other players in the wild!

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Hey 's!

We've made a few adjustments to our economy, please make sure you check these out!

- Admin shops are now limited to newbie players. A combo of money, play time, towny stats determine when you are no longer a newbie.
- Auction house has been added! Players can use /ah sell price to sell items on the auction house. And use /ah to browse items. A sales tax and listing fee is collected.

If you notice any issues please reach out to us via the Discord channel 🙂

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