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What is the server?

Exeos is a small community of players just looking to have fun and not worry about anything else. Our main goal is to be as Anti-P2W and Lag-free as possible, as the entire point of the server is just to have a good time. With some competition from the economy system and our leaderboards, as well as our custom level-up system makes sure you always have things to do. At max level, you can buy what would normally be donor only perks with in-game currency. Given the small community and anti-P2W gameplay, the server is also lag-free compared to other servers of similar layout.

Why join?

If you aren’t a fan of the typical “hype-beast” servers that charge for everything under the sun, this is the server for you. All donations made to the server at any time, are put back into the server with frequent giveaways.
Our most notable plugins are McMMO, GriefDefender and ShopGUIPlus. We have others to personalize the feel of the server and make the game better, but with just these 3 you’ll have an idea of what the server is about. Our other features include:

• Dynmap

• Jobs

• Player-Owned Shops at Player-Created Warps or Spawn

• Balanced Economy

• Custom leveling system

• MyPet


• Anti-P2W

Consider giving it a look, you’ll be glad you did.

IP: play.exeoscraft.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/XgT58t26wX

Dynmap: map.exeoscraft.com

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Shitty server -0/10

best server

Been playing in the server for around a year and my experience has been the best. Theres always something to do from jobs, to setting up player shops, from exploring the world. In game loot and many other features that enhance the survival experience. Plus having claims makes sure no body can grief your builds and houses. If you are looking for a survival server to join, this is it.

A server that has a great staff and a kind owner. Here to make sure that everyone has fun playing Minecraft!

Has a great player community, can tell the owner and staff really care about the sever! Issues are usually resolved less than 24hrs after being brought up and player suggestions are added quite often!

Very supportive staff team, decent updates and a small but friendly community! And no lag!


@Daqcupcake has been promoted to Mod! Dani has been quite valuable to us for bug reporting, helping us balance things and a large part of why spawn has been looking prettier by the day!


What my staff says, goes. They are an extension of what I have asked for and what I intend to do with Exeos. If you have a question, their answer holds as much weight as mine. Any choice I make runs through them first, including new features, menus, etc

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Forgot to do this earlier, but please welcome @Daqcupcake to the staff team! She's earned it and is definitely one of our oldest players!

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