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Fabeld SMP S10 the best public 1.18 SMP

Our server has many features to keep the SMP ( Survival Multi-Player ) experience interesting. Some of these features include:

Custom enchantments. We want our server to stand out. Vanilla enchantments can get boring, so we added over 20 custom enchantments you can find in game. Just like any other enchant. You can obtain them through Villagers, Fishing, Enchantment tables, Mob loot, and Chest loot.

Custom items Once again, we want our server to stand out. The Fabeld SMP has several custom items that you can get in the game. First off is the netherite shield. Unlike its predecesor, the shield, it provides a player with a health boost of +2 HP. It has a price of a small mobility reduction ( just enough to notice but not to much ). There are also bundles, which arent a custom item. The crafting has been added however. There are many more things you can get, feel free to come check it out.

Fast server Not only do we want to stand out, but we want to stand out not just because of features, but because or quality. Our server runs on premuim memory and CPU. With over 8GB dedicated to the server. Our TPS never dips below 20. ( ticks per second ). So you can rely on a fast, flawless experience on the server.

What are you waiting for? Join the server now with the IP play.fabeld.net, on versions 1.18+. Hope to see you having fun!

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This server have a great non-toxic community with a lot of cool features like custom enchants or free cosmetics. It's fun to play and I really think that the server deserve more players

vey pog I grind daily

Staff abuse op to target abuse furrys. this is not okay.

TopEgirls In Minecraft History Here

Lots of friendly creators, staff are quick to respond. Server is usually active in the afternoon EST.


wtf does ttk mean omfg

Pavv ! avatar

guys, I will add tpa dw

I don't have access to the console, that's all

cloth avatar

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