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A server can have never too many gamemodes right?

  • Creative
  • Factions
  • Building
  • Mini-games
  • Modded Client
  • PvP
  • Skyblock
  • Shooter
  • Survival
  • Towny
  • Vanilla
  • Special
  • 🇩🇪
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The server is still in alpha!

FUCHS SERVER SE is a server with a large number of gamemodes.
-Creative-Anarchy (build what you want)
-Speed UHC
-One block SkyBlock
-Fortmine (Custom ModPack)
-RL Craft (FTB ModPack)
-SkyFactory3 Public SMP (FTB Modpack)

  • Prison
    and more!

All our Ranks are global and we ban cheaters is on non Anarchy Server.

Users can:

  • Make shops
  • Build whatever they want(only on Creative-Anarchy)
  • Friend each other
    -Create Partys
    -Change Skins(every where exept on Vanilla Servers)
    -Swear a litle bit
    -Hack(only on Anarchy Servers)
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rate this ranking sceme fss.2f1p.com/othe...

! ƒjøx∆🇩🇪 avatar

still got 0 euros and well i just bought it and guess what. its ddr2 ram that doesnt have the same pins as any other ddr ram that i have. that 11euros wasted. like its from hp and has almost the same model number. i hate this...

! ƒjøx∆🇩🇪 avatar

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