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Get away from those overcomplicated, overdesigned servers.

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Looking for the antidote for boring survival SMPs? Get Simple is it!

What is Get Simple

Get Simple was founded with...

  • Minimal plugins for a true vanilla experience. All that's added is /back! Many other servers muck it up with ranks and GriefPrevention and other junk.

  • Human admins you can get behind. We're here to help!

  • Not one, but two worlds to choose from. Tired of regular survival? Check out our superflat creative world instead!

  • No admin-run shops. We're not for profit!

Join Get Simple using as the IP.

For Bedrock, use instead, and you must also have a Java account to log in with.

Join the Discord too!

Visit the website at

Check out the subreddit at r/GetSimple.

Our Freenode IRC channel is at #GetSimpleServer.

The Simple Rules:

  • No cheating.
  • No griefing.
  • No stealing.
  • All reports made with CoreProtect Inspect must include a screenshot.

What does Get Simple run on?

Get Simple Survival and Superflat run on a custom-built PC originally meant to be an extreme fileserver with 32GB of RAM and an Intel i5-9600k.

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Players' comments

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5 star. very good server that definitely stays true to being simple. its fun because you can do vanilla Minecraft, and there are people online a lot, so you are *almost* never alone. really fun

It is an amazing server. I would check it out. 5 stars.

It's a great calm server that is what it says it is, simple! My favorite part of the server is the survival, but there is also creative and a superflat option for who wants to! The reason this server is for me is because it's small, but powerful, not many people online at once and never really lag!
I hope this review was useful for you!

Hello, I am the co-owner of Get Simple, and I would like to say that at Get Simple, we would like to offer a great experience for everyone. So, please, it would be a great honor for you to join today!

This server is trying to keep the game pure without the gimmicks I see on other servers, just straight up MC with the good stuff like Coreprotect and a discussion friendly Discord.


Hey! We've upgraded to 1.16.5, so now you can enjoy the latest and greatest that Mojang has to offer on Get Simple.


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if you haven't gotten a introduction to Get Simple yet, here it is! WARNING: a bit loud on the mic

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