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Towny Survival with a focus on Economy

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Hello! I made a server during the lockdown because I wanted something to do. It's still very new, but I feel like the servers at a point where everything I want to implement is on the server. Things will continue to evolve overtime!

About the Server: Grilled's Barn is a towny/survival server, players main goal is to generate income through jobs, auctions, daily rewards, crates, mob arena, player shops and more. With this income you can start a town, and also rank up /ranks. Each ranks offers bonuses and perks such as access to backpacks, more jobs, more pets, vein mining, new commands, and more. To see a full list of perks click the ranks icon in server GUI /info.

Explore the naturally generating dungeons across the world and complete quests!

Main Plugins: Towny, Essentials, McMMO, Jobs Reborn, Mob Hunting, Mob Arena, uShop, Player Warps, LWC, Vein Miner, Mine Packs, Graves, Quests, Simple Pets, Time is Money, Oh the Dungeons.

Minecraft Version: 1.15.2
Server Location: Melbourne, Australia

Get Involved:IP:
Discord: (link in-game with /discord link - to sync your rank and use the global Minecraft chat)

Have fun and please let us know if we can help!

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caramel wrote:

Awesome custom plugins and friendly active staff with a well made discord! I'll be on the server for a long time to come!

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Rank update - Since some of you are wild and have already reached the top rank I've added two more. Elite ($200,000) and Deity ($350,000). Elite comes with a pretty cool new benefit, minions! These minions are basically a way for you to automate certain actions, Elite gives you the ability to place 2 minions, with the options of a rancher (breeds and kills livestock) and farmer (plants and breaks farm items). Deity's can place 10 minions and have access to all types: • MINER ⌲ Will place and mine the block that you set. • FARMER ⌲ Uses dirt around it to plant and farm the item of your choice. • LUMBERJACK ⌲ Will plant and chop trees. • RANCHER ⌲ Will spawn and kill livestock of your choice. • HUNTER ⌲ Will spawn and kill mobs of your choice. • FISHER ⌲ This minion has as entities SQUID and GUARDIAN, UNKNOWN for normal fish. • PEASANT ⌲ The peasant minion this minion only works with Sandia and Pumpkin makes a natural production of these. More perks will come over time, as well as potential changes in pricing (depending on how bad/easy the grind is). If you have any more suggestions/ideas for ranks or perks please let me know! Good luck with the grind 🙂

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New server update - We've added dungeons, shops, player warps and more! For all the information check out the forum post here:

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