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We have just kicked off season two of Handcraft.

You can join now using the address: play.handcraftmc.org

Handcraft was originally created as a love letter to the early 2010s era of multiplayer Minecraft. A simpler time that me and many others have fond memories of. Since our launch earlier this year we have fostered a small following of players who share this vision.

Our aim is to create a challenging and rewarding environment that empowers the community to play together and collaborate. The decisions we make tend to be the ones that encourage people to collaborate on projects with frequent server events and a thriving Discord community.
Although we have land claiming (GriefDefender) and economy (PhantomEconomy, QuickShop, Jobs Reborn) we try and maintain a vanilla-like feel. The ideal situation is that you should be able to reliably do anything on our server you could do in the base game.

I am the founder of Handcraft, but we also have a diverse moderation team that spans timezones across the globe to ensure there's help on hand 24/7. I am personally based in London, and our beefy 20GB RAM/Ryzen 3600 server is hosted in Germany ensuring little server lag and incredible uptime.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please get in touch with me here or on discord (Lewis Flude#0001).



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Wonderful server, the community progects are great and the dev team responnse very quickly. Great for first time starters!

Brilliant community, classic multiplayer minecraft experience with the perfect amount of additions to keep it interesting! Not many servers left like this one!

It's so friendly and making friends, trading, having fun is super easy.
The Admin Lewisflude is such a nice person. :)


the server is back online with a new map!

Thanks again for all the kind messages and support with this unfortunate accident. Everything should be working smoothly. Please DM me if you run into any issues.


Lewis Flude avatar

I am extremely sorry that I have to report the most recent reboot of the world is likely lost and we will likely have to reset the server once more.

While the server was offline before the recent reboot, the server was set to be cancelled by our hosting provider. Although I attempted to stop the cancellation, it went ahead anyway on the 22nd and I lost access to the server. Today (Monday) was a bank holiday in Germany, and so the hosting provider was unavailable to resolve this immediately. I will be on the phone to them first thing tomorrow.

The big mistake I made here was not making daily offsite backups which would've prevented a data loss of this scale. Although there is a slim chance I'll be able to recover the data, I think it's more likely that we'll have to move forward with a world reset.

I'm especially sorry to @KalliKarlson, @mateyoski, @Porsha_boy, @Greentea Dragon, @bubens, @FunctionDotExe and all the other regular players who have spent time getting started on this new reboot.

My plan now will be to:

1. Order a new dedicated server
2. Set it up from scratch
3. Work with the small community we have here to make sure the launch goes smoothly
4. Immediately start making daily backups of the server data (including world data)
5. Come up with an emergency plan of action in the event the server goes down while I'm offline

I'd really appreciate some support in this time, as this has been very frustrating for me, especially after building up so much momentum getting things up and running again. I'd appreciate your suggestions on how to make this re-reboot even better than it was in the past few weeks as well as any opportunities you see for starting from a blank slate.

As always, my goal is to make Handcraft a fun place for everyone, and I'll always aim to be transparent about things like this.

Thanks everyone!

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