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play.hearthcraft.net | Java Edition 1.17.1

You, on serverlobby.io, are probably tired of servers that go down after your investment of time, power-tripping staff, or just bored of plain old Minecraft. Maybe you feel lonely. I don't know.

HearthCraft is a 0% non-pay-to-win (verify for yourself here) economy SMP that has been making the best experiences since October of 2018. We're experts in bringing people together.

No, this is not an RPG, a custom-world SMP, or some overly complex game. We've tailored our server to have a lot of features but just enough so it doesn't strip the experience of vanilla Minecraft we've all come to love. Aside from that, most of our players love the community we've built as much as the game itself.

  • Weekly events, no matter the date
  • You will not be forced nor pressured to donate. We treat all players equally and will not tolerate anyone treating someone poorly. Our players can testify that we're not pay-to-win.
  • Resource worlds (Overworld resets monthly, Nether every 3 months, and the End outside x/z 1536 monthly)
  • BlazeAndCave's custom achievements (adds 800+ achievements to the game)
  • Pet system
  • Level-up System
  • mcMMO
  • Active and healthy economy system that includes player shops, player warps, auctions (intense bidding!), etc.
  • Marriage plugin
  • /wild command
  • Dynamic Map
  • Land Claiming

We're aware that it's a stretch and is hard to verify when we say that "we have an active, chill, and laid-back community" like most other servers on this sub do, so to prove that, why don't you come on and ask around? If you're not welcomed, feel free to leave a downvote ;)


  • Website: https://www.hearthcraft.net
  • Discord: https://discord.hearthcraft.net
  • Server Trailer: https://youtu.be/Zvwg7CytICA
  • A glimpse: https://imgur.com/LGFGqi8
  • Rules: http://www.hearthcraft.net/rules
  • IP: play.hearthcraft.net
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i'm a newer player, but the community is amazing and the quality of the server is incredible! the ranks are purely cosmetic and give no advantage at all, unlike other servers that have ranks that give advantages.


very welcoming, friendly and inclusive. staff dont abuse power, and help, and the discord is good too. my favourite server ive been on, very helpful staff and lovely people, with decent rank up's as well as perks to them.

I love the mods, they're on almost everyday, for hours at a time, they keep everyone in line! The players themselves are really sweet! We love helping the new players out :)

its a fun server
i had no way to play survival with my friends without lag now it is very epic

The server is very inclusive, friendly, and kind! The features of the server are just enough to keep the balance of exciting and vanilla.


Hello, ! I would like to preface this announcement by asking: how are you guys? I hope all of you are doing fine and are taking care of yourselves! September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and to observe that, I have changed the server banner and the image near /spawn to Hearth-chan having a suicide prevention ribbon.

I'll soon be back from my break to celebrate HC's anniversary. I just need to take care of myself a bit more 🙂

Aside from this, I have donated $100 to local (my place) and international charitable causes like I promised back in the start of September. I've also taken your suggestions in Discord into consideration. You can see the receipts (still incomplete) in Discord.

Please take care of yourselves! Seek help when you need to.

(sorry for not posting earlier. as you may know, i have been taking a break)

- Simonee

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Sorry for not announcing this earlier!

the server is back up!


Trapdoors have been randomly opening at spawn. Whether or not this is supernatural activity has not yet been confirmed. We have been advised by the government to not back down in hunting the trapdoor burglar.

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