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play.hearthcraft.net | Java Edition 1.17.1

HearthCraft is an economy SMP with a 0% pay-to-win store (verify for yourself here) that has been making the best experiences since October of 2018. We're experts in bringing people together.

No, this is not an RPG, a custom-world SMP, or some overly complex game. We've tailored our server to have a lot of features but just enough so it doesn't strip the experience of vanilla Minecraft we've all come to love. Aside from that, most of our players love the community we've built as much as the game itself.

  • The server will never reset
  • You will not be forced nor pressured to donate. We treat all players equally and will not tolerate anyone treating someone poorly. Our players can testify that we're not pay-to-win.
  • Resource worlds (Resets monthly)
  • Zero tolerance for any form of hate speech; accepting towards minorities and LGBTQ+
  • Pet system
  • Level-up System
  • Land Claiming
  • mcMMO
  • Active and healthy economy system that includes player shops, player warps, auctions etc.
  • Marriage plugin
  • /wild command

We're aware that it's a stretch and is hard to verify when we say that "we have an active, chill, and laid-back community" like most other servers on this sub do, so to prove that, why don't you come on and ask around? If you're not welcomed, feel free to leave a downvote ;)


  • Website: https://www.hearthcraft.net
  • Discord: https://discord.hearthcraft.net
  • Server Trailer: https://youtu.be/Zvwg7CytICA
  • A glimpse: https://imgur.com/LGFGqi8
  • Rules: http://www.hearthcraft.net/rules
  • IP: play.hearthcraft.net
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Really fun and interesting server. The community is friendly and welcomes you and in chat there are fun games if your strip mining or just chilling in Minecraft. Another cool thing about this server is that there is a in-game shop where you can buy items but its mostly for selling. Another cool addition to this server is that it has an economy which makes it fun plus it has minigames where you can earn prizes. Overall a really good server if your bored and have nothing to do.


I love this server

There is very little to do on this server.

This shit server broke my computer

Strict Staff



Hi, people! Summer has officially started (for the Norhern hemisphere, at least) a few days ago and I'd like to use this excuse for an everyone ping to make a few announcements.

First off, the elephant in the room: Discord

I made a subscriber ping about the controversial tentative chat reporting feature that Mojang released in their snapshots and pre-releases of 1.19.1. They were already starting to pave the way for this through cryptographically signed chats (non-technical summary: you can say for sure someone said something) as far back in April. Thanks to the hard work of the staff team, the technical part of the update just needs some polishing. We do want to take as much time as we need even in that polishing stage to make less room for error. Also, quoting a staff member, we want to have lots of info what ||the fuck|| they are doing with the chat reporting first because Microsoft is heavily implying that I can get a platform-wide mute for saying that last clause. I am however not trying to spread en.wikipedia.org/wiki..._uncertainty,_and_doubt and I implore you all to research about it yourself. Basically: Microsoft wants to turn Minecraft chat into Discord.

Edit: they removed profanity as a report in 1.19.1-rc1. Let's see what happens.

Aside from that, based on the Discord poll, we will most likely have a second world as expanding 5k will take ~3x more space than a brand new 20k world. (see: onlinemo.de/worl...

Voting Goal and Hearth Key Party
We are less than 2,000 votes short of the vote goal so the until July 4, the vote parties will give Hearth Crate keys but the requirement will be increased to 250 votes.

Summer Sale
All items on the store.hearthcraft.net will be 25% off, so if you've been meaning to support the server, now would be a nice time to do so!

Thank you all for your continued support for the server.

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