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You, on serverlobby.io, are probably tired of servers that go down after your investment of time, power-tripping staff, or just bored of plain old Minecraft. Maybe you feel lonely. I don't know.

HearthCraft is a 0% non-pay-to-win (verify for yourself here) economy SMP that has been making the best experiences since October of 2018. We're experts in bringing people together.

No, this is not an RPG, a custom-world SMP, or some overly complex game. We've tailored our server to have a lot of features but just enough so it doesn't strip the experience of vanilla Minecraft we've all come to love. Aside from that, most of our players love the community we've built as much as the game itself.

  • Weekly events, no matter the date
  • You will not be forced nor pressured to donate. We treat all players equally and will not tolerate anyone treating someone poorly. Our players can testify that we're not pay-to-win.
  • Resource worlds (Overworld resets monthly, Nether every 3 months, and the End outside x/z 1536 monthly)
  • BlazeAndCave's custom achievements (adds 800+ achievements to the game)
  • Pet system
  • Level-up System
  • mcMMO
  • Active and healthy economy system that includes player shops, player warps, auctions (intense bidding!), etc.
  • Marriage plugin
  • /wild command
  • Dynamic Map
  • Land Claiming

We're aware that it's a stretch and is hard to verify when we say that "we have an active, chill, and laid-back community" like most other servers on this sub do, so to prove that, why don't you come on and ask around? If you're not welcomed, feel free to leave a downvote ;)


  • Website: https://www.hearthcraft.net
  • Discord: https://discord.hearthcraft.net
  • Server Trailer: https://youtu.be/Zvwg7CytICA
  • A glimpse: https://imgur.com/LGFGqi8
  • Rules: http://www.hearthcraft.net/rules
  • IP: play.hearthcraft.net
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Filled with awesome friendly people

HearthCraft is a server with a great community. Right from when you first join, the server welcomes you with open arms. HearthCraft is full of features that provide interest to vanilla MineCraft such as mcMMO, custom advancements and many more. Overall, being on this server is a fun and memorable experience.

I very much enjoy HearthCraft. It's a friendly community with solid structure/rules in place. It has plugins that allow for extra fun, but not so many that it's too confusing. Even for me, someone who's not great with non-vanilla MC stuff, it was pretty simple to learn all the stuff necessary to have a good time. I highly recommend it.

Amazing community, helpful staff, a good economy with lots of shops and pwarps to help people out!

The community is great and is currently growing. The staff are wonderful and I'm not biased at all. It's a fun place to call home if you're looking for a good SMP experience.

HearthCraft is a non P2W SMP server with profits in money and player shops to buy almost anything it is a great server and I play it everyday anytime a day i have the chance to. The mods and players are really helpful and fun and if you get to know them well then the server could be a real fun place. I have met many people on HearthCraft and lots of them i made memories with. The owner simonee is a great person very quirky and weird but funny at the same time he also knows how to control a server really well. he's picked out some people who are really good mods that are very helpful and know the right thing to do. I joined HearthCraft November 18th 2020 and i feel like i have adapted into the community very well and helped others adapt well too. If reading this message wants to make you join HearthCraft make sure to say hi to EECGamerBuddy if i'm online.


I hate to be saying this to all of you, but I want to address this issue while it's still small, isolated, and contained. A lot of great communities that have thrived along the years commonly face one enemy: toxicity. Our already-overwhelmed staff has been trying to combat this issue for the past 4 months where HC has experienced steady growth, and thankfully, the issue is not too big.

As the leader of this community, I want to kill this issue from its roots before it grows big. I want to ingrain in you guys that I and the staff team take toxicity very seriously as to preserve the laid-back and relaxing environment that HearthCraft has had. All toxicity will lead to a mute and/or a ban like it always has.

First, I want to make everyone in the community involved in this. Not just the staff team. You guys have the duty to report any issues regarding this, or even not regarding this and just rule-breaking in general, to the staff team. Even if you think it's a small, minor inconvenience, REPORT IT TO THE STAFF TEAM. Talk to us. Open a ticket. Even if you're not sure whether it's even toxicity at all, TELL US. Telling us will not hurt and will prevent the downfall of our server.

If you've been complaining about any issue on the server, especially toxicity, but have stayed silent and haven't told the staff team about your concerns, I apologize for how stern this may sound, but you have failed your common duty as a member of the HearthCraft community. This goes the same for any community you are part in. Complaining or even talking about toxicity is not enough, please take the time to discuss it to us in order to help us combat this issue. If you are only comfortable with some staff members, message them privately.

I know that toxicity isn't yet a rampant issue, but I feel the need to act on this right now. A lot of communities go down, shatter, and fall apart because of toxicity, and I believe it is because of the members' failure to tackle it early.

Apologies if this message sounds stern, but I stand that this is a necessary step to prevent HearthCraft from falling.

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