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Hephaestus is a small Server looking to expand its community. We offer a wide range of gamemodes that we are looking to increase depending on the feedback. Join in if you want to have a fun experience and help a small Server grow.
Feature list:

  • Survival Server with Claims and Clans Not-Whitelisted
  • Creative Server with Plotsquared and Worledit plugins
  • Minigames Server with TNTRun, BuildBattle and HungerGames

See you on the Server!

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Really good staff team, the mob cap is a bit high but that is what i like about it. After some time it looks like normal Minecraft, the mobs will not do any damage to you. Hope to see you there.


You can now win rewards by inviting friends to the server. Just tell your friend to do /ref (your username) when he joins the server and you will receive 10 Mystery Dust while your friend receives 5. Mystery Dust can be used to redeem in game cosmetics, just open the store by doing /gmenu main.

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PvP is now Permanently Disabled outside of the arena. If you want to access the Arena as the Dueler you'll have to do /duel (the person you want to PvP against). Also there is now a Bloodmoon every 14 In Game Days where the monsters get harder and you lose all your items upon death. However, XP and Loot are greatly improved during that period. The End now also has new Biomes and Structures for you to Explore and the Ender Dragon has a 50% chance to drop an Elytra on Death.

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