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Enhanced Semi-Anarchy, No Protection with Extras

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hillcrestmc.net version 1.17.1

General Summary
Hillcrest packs many gameplay additions and features while a lacking the protections and moderation you find on most survival servers. Raiding, griefing, and PvP are permitted everywhere but in the core spawn region. There are commands that facilitate player-to-player teleportation, the ability to set a home, and features including the ability to use leads on villagers, and wind that slightly alters Elytra speed and mobs. Only 1 row of your enderchest is accessible and backpack items are disabled in Slimefun, another addition to the server.


World border: 100k in each direction of spawn

Server software: Purpur.jar

Default mob rates

AMD R 5950X 16gb RAM

View distance: ticking 10; no-tick 16

Server Rules

Do not modify your gameplay to attain an unfair advantage

Do not use any glitches that duplicate items

Do not cause significant lag or strain to the server

Do not evade any bans issued

Adhere to admin directions

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