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100% rank free with an economy based around trading!

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Server presentation

Honey Hollow is a 100% rank free survival server with an economy focused around item trading. There are towns scattered around the world which all have themed trading hubs so players can trade NPCs for items, with more being built! We also have an ever-expanding player market, so players can build their own shops and sell items for currency. Our server is 100% free to play, because we believe everyone in our community should have access to the same commands, items, etc!

We focus largely on our community's wants and needs, and include them as much as we can when adding new things to the server. Staff is quick and easy to get ahold of if players ever have any issues, and we typically are able to fix issues right away. Our community is small but we're slowly growing! We have monthly events where our players can earn in game prizes, and we reset the end every month so loot never runs out.

We have a large list of plugins to make our server more enjoyable, but most of them are completely avoidable if you prefer a more vanilla experience! Non-avoidable plugins: trees chopping down at once, end resets, and McMMO.

Players' comments

universalworst wrote:

Everyone is friendly and kind, the mods are helpful, and it's by far my favorite server!

moss_man wrote:

honey hollow is an amazing server! it's very laid back and there are lots of things to do. the people who play on it are all amazing, and they all care very much for each other. it's my favorite server to play on whenever i get a chance.

i'm not very good at giving reviews, but i love the server, and wanted to say something!

stellifyant wrote:

Honey Hollow is a trading / economy based server with amazing staff and INCREDIBLE players! The community is close-knit and very welcoming.

What you'll find;
- NO ranks, paywalls, or anything pay2play
- Several custom villager trading towns, including
- Calla, the mining town, Saumon, the fishing town, Abeille, the bee town, so on, and the latest being Diana's Watch, a gorgeous witch village!
- Trades for anything you might need in game
- Different grinder warps
- Claims / anti-grief plugin
- Public warps plugin
- Elevator plugin
- Capture egg plugin
- A player shop market
- Auction House
- Crates (Only from in-game trading!)
And dozens more! The server has regular end resets and will be resetting the Nether when the update comes in so that you won't want for resources.

Everything about this server is awesome, and has become my main way to cope with current events. Everyone is so kind, the staff is active and fun, and we even have server events, the newest being an archery competition on 5/16/20! We're an engaging, thriving community and we can't wait to see you there! C:

mamalade wrote:

Everyone is very kind and there's absolutely no griefing so I feel very comfortable building intense builds! Plus the prebuilt towns are beautiful!!

My review

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hey guys! Werewolved kindly offered to take over, and i've accepted i had a long back and forth on closing Honey Hollow because i really didn't want to take the server away from you guys, so i'm grateful that Were wanted to take over and keep the server running, and i'm excited to see what honey hollow will turn into! i'm not sure what changes Were is planning on making, if any, but i'm sure the server is in good hands ily, and thank you all for the kind words after my original announcement, i appreciate it so much

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hey everyone. i'm going to be honest with you, i’ve been struggling to balance my mental health and server maintenance these past few months and it's unfortunately reached a breaking point, so as much as this sucks, i'll be closing honey hollow

the server will officially close on august 13th. i’ll download the world a few days before the server closes and upload it somewhere so you can continue your builds and explore the map, along with a list of the warp coords. everyone will have access to changing their game mode on the 9th-13th if they want to. i've added a warp to the crime city, it's not done but it's there if you would like to see it

the discord will be staying. i don’t know how many of you would be interested, but i would like to continue movie nights, start game nights, etc. this community has really become like a giant friend group to me, so i welcome anyone who wants to stick around. any channels that have to do with honey hollow will stay but will be locked once the server closes, sort of as a little museum of what once was

whether you stay or not, thank you for being part of this community, i really appreciate it so much. if you donated and would like to be refunded, please dm me. feel free to ask any questions you may have

ily all

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