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Survival towny with a lot of flavour!

  • Dungeons
  • Roleplay
  • Towny
  • Survival
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Hey there! Hunterra is a friendly towny SMP. What does that mean? Our server has a town plugin that allows you to either create a town or join one. We are looking for active players, anyone is welcome to join. Hunterra also has some more plugins and some cool features.


  • Ranks, you earn these ranks with ingame money.
    -The higher the rank you are the better the perks.
  • Homes /set home
  • Jobs
  • Auction house
    -Sell items without being online and without travelling everywhere to do so!
  • Dynmap
    -Wanna find the perfect location without having to explore aimlessly? take a look at our dynmap to find a spot!
  • Random Teleport
  • Sleep most
    -Skip the night with as few as 20% the server sleeping.
  • Rename and so much more
    Some cool features
  • Mobs stack so less lag
  • Voting and rewards
    -Voting helps us be seen by players, so in return we reward players with gifts!
  • Warps and so much more

We pride ourselves on being a completely free2play server and will never charge for items or gameplay!

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It's a great server, but its really difficult to get started as a new player.

In a world of Dungeons and Ender Dragons, you can join or create your own town. You can trade or battle other towns in endless fun. Build or destroy, and several jobs to help you earn money as you rank up to the top. Join today!

As the owner Im a little bias, I love my server and hope to see it grow. I hate servers that milk there players for donations and you wont see that on here!

I'm paying for the server fully atm and will not sell items or game play for real money.


We will not be rebooting the minecraft server.

TheDandyLiar avatar

Hey guys. So yesterday was a bit of a mess. This will more then likely be our last month of operation, We currently have 5$ remaining in funds and I am no longer putting my own money into this server as im no longer comfortable doing so. We are currently facing a false charge back claim on a donation and given my inexperience getting these claims dismissed I feel unsafe accepting more donations. Sorry to all those that were enjoying the server but some players have decided that unless i cave to there requests then they will do what ever is possible to destroy the server.

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