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When was the last time you went out in the world and saw something that would make your jaw drop or just make you wanna see what it is, then die upon approaching in vanilla MC?
Well, that's my goal this season: A DAWN OF A LEGACY

Spawn in and go explore and make bases alone or with friends all while exploring a huge map full of gooodies and suprises waiting to be found. Some loot might be harder to get but once you've laid your hands on it, will try not to lose it
(all loot are maked as not OP and designed to be made available to every single type of player)

Invenio is a debut server with a small community of 10 ish friends.
Invenio is constantly finding new ways to entertain and bring exciting new content for our players to discover every season. As a minecraft player I was often found my farms and ideas limited due to diabling of mechanics mob nerfs, so we made a place for both builders and redstoners, where they can do what they do best; i.e to have fun.

Builds vary from lone houses to an empire, everyone has their own style.
Need mats or items, we go to our local shop, expanding constantly with large projects from our players


  • Custom biomes
  • New structures
  • Plot world
  • Head database with over 28k heads.
  • Armor stand editors
  • Grief protection
  • Amazing Community
  • 0 Tolerance towards overly toxic people (we do have a pretty dark humour)

Adding to this new Season, are new strucures with early game to late game loot, choose wisely which to raid first.

Our server values creative thinkers and we provide them with Plots in the Plot world integrated with World edit so that we can test and build with friends in creative.


  • Core i9 9900k CPU
  • Location: Frankfurt Germany
  • Gamemode: Survival and Creative

Future content:

  • Dungeons
  • Off world events

Wanna see more?

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

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Fun stimulating envoirment, verry friendly people and lot's of things to do alone or with friends

I can't leave a review since it'll be biased as i run it, but I can say this; my friends are awesome, creative, supportive, roaters, loud and fun. How can I not play with them on this survival server.
Love yall <3

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