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Do you hate floating trees? We do too. In fact we hate it so much we made a server where you'll never have to endure such pain again!

Introducing a new Minecraft Survival server with just a bit of flavour to keep things fresh and exciting!

A few details:

• A ranking system, with fun perks so you're rewarded for your efforts. (Don't worry, there's no VIP or Donator rank, we don't even accept donations!)
• Anti-creeper measures so no more green bois' breaking your precious house.
• Anti-grief measures so you and your friends can play without too much worry, whilst still retaining survivalist elements.
• GraviTree of course to make sure your floating tree nightmares are finally over!
• A Customized variant of McMMO.
• Rank syncing across all our games & Discord.
• Auction house & player-rented shops.
• SilkSpawners.
• A dueling & wagering system where you can duel for fun, or for that sweet sweet loot.

The server is online 24/7 and is ran on an Intel Core i9-9900k, 64GB RAM server. (Aka, absolutely no lag!)
We also have an active and friendly discord server of 2000+ members which is rapidly growing day-by-day.

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I find this server amazing, the people are good, the prosperity is great, and the mods play with all the other players.

Awesome server, great community and active administrator, plus there's plenty of mods ready to help

Great server

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