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A Community-Driven friendly survival / builder server

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We are a partnered Discord community with long term plan to continue our survival world.

  • Quality of Life plug-ins such as tpa, sethome.
  • Community driven shop district
  • No pay2win mechanic
  • Hard Difficulity + 40% more mobs!
  • 10 Viewing Distance (No compromise on player experience!)
  • 20 TPS during peak hours
  • Friendly community

Please join our Discord to apply, we are a whitelist community that aim to protect the hardwork of every survival builds as we understand the countless hours and hardwork people put in into their builds and the importance of preserving them.

The Server was made with long term planin mind! Never worry about shutdowns as we already aquired the resource needed to continue to operate the server for years to come! Come join us for a near Vanilla experience in a HermitCraft-Like server!

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New members, submit a request for moderator review via the form below then let an Admin know afterward

__e aware that breaking the rules in Minecraft server will result a ban on Discord as well__

The Island of EterNity Minecraft Server Rule

◽ Griefing is forbidden.
◽ Must owns a legitimate Minecraft account (aka premium)
◽ Server is whitelist only (Apply with the link below).

All Mango are granted entry by default including all existing members in the server as of today

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