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Vanilla survival server (Hermitcraft-like) NOW without whitelist

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Jowland - is a vanilla based server inspired by Hermitcraft. Our goal is to build a friendly world-wide community that are not connected with the only one interest (minecraft) but much more than that. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas, we want players to be the main part of server and let them decide about big and further changes.

Server is almost untouched and still in progress as we are making sure to create a perfect experience of playing on our server.

We have a small but experienced A-team with years of experience running similar servers, that are always there to help you.

Server location: Europe

Nether and End reset after 1.16 drops


  • Double shulker shell
  • Nether portal coords
  • Player and Mob heads

Features & info:

  • Our own website
  • Discord server
  • Dynmap (live server map with pregenerated world)

In-game features

  • Jowany's maze of anguish and despair (Mad maze - available after 1.16)
  • Hidden treasures around the spawn
  • Parkours
  • Public shopping area (Bazaar and Riverside)
  • Events
  • Daily challenges
  • Custom items

How to join?

  • Read our rules (
  • Play the game

You can contant us on Discord for more information or if you have troubles with connecting

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Players' comments

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I have only praise for this server, the community is extremely mature and respectful, if you're 18+ it's impossible to not make friends , the server has completely no lag if you're from Europe , everything is allowed in terms of vanilla mechanics to let you enjoy this game as it was intended to be , so you can build massive farms without suffering from mob cap limits or entity removal. Has a very well thought spawn , you can find every day good stuff in the chests scattered arround if you're a beginner without make it too easy for you. Has plenty of good plugins that don't ruin the vanilla vibe , only spice things up. This server is a pioneer of "Hermitcraft" genre and it only succeeds in every way so I can't recommend it enough for everyone who is mature enough and want a really clean and fun experience on Minecraft .

I really love this server and good community
If you try playing, you'll be hooked. XD

Ps NerdthsZ.

Friendly team, always helpful, good idea with treasures

Best community, very goood A-team, lots of fun via finding treasures(good loot), jumping puzzles, good system of trading/shopping, very nice building


Hello, I decided to end this project as it is. Server didn't met my expectations, and as you could see, I wasnt quite active last months and just kept server working. Last update 1.16 messed something with some plugins which cause lags. I will backup whole server in my PC and probably I will provide map for download (it will be like 10GBs).
I dont expect I will start server again in future, not english at least, probably local for our country (CZ/SK), but everyone is welcome. I will keep discord and website up, so you can stay tuned and keep an eye on it.

Thank to everyone who helped with server or just played here. I hope we will meet again.


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Server updated to 1.16.3, lags are still there while 2+ players are online, unfortunately it cause one important plugin, I have to wait until they push update

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