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LostCraft Reborn

Old School Factions Survival.

Features: --Bettersleeping
--Quickshop based player shops(coming soon)
--Realistic Seasons
--Premium anticheat and antixray solutions to keep everything fair!
--Auto Rankup
--mcMMO to add a bit of an rpg element

This is a new server. Come be one of the first to make your mark! We are a factions survival server with an emphasis on eco. While not quite "muh christian server", we do not allow slurs, hacked clients, harrassment in game or outside of the game. Server owner/staff will never participate in pvp/raiding or factions in general. Our goal is to develop a level of trust with our playerbase!

IP: play.lostcraftreborn.com
Discord: use /discord in game
Website: lostcraftreborn.com/
Version: 1.18 with down to 1.12 allowed with viaversion
Style: Economy based factions

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Excellent server with tons of cool features and a growing community!

I play on this server with a bunch of my friends, we have fun grinding mcmmo, dueling, and look forward to raiding more bases as the community grows.

I've had a great time playing this server. The setup and plugins are actually very well synced with each other, with excellent performance, and every plugin communicating with eachother. As an example, the server has elevators. These elevators can ONLY be used by your own faction and allies, alleviating security concerns.

Server staff are consistently either online or monitoring the server ready to answer questions from discord or console. However, staff remain in the background, or even in vanish while they work on things. Never once has the staff raided, pvped, or participated in the game in any way. As it should be.
The person below was banned by staff for obvious use of client mods giving him an advantage.

This server has been a blast to play on, and our small but growing playerbase loves it.

Crap server with crap players and the worst owner I have ever seen

Save yourself the time and find a more put-together server that the owner knows what they are doing.

Terrible plugins that make playing unbearable.

I really enjoyed...well.. not playing, but setting up this server. I look forward to a growing community.

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