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MCNexus, formerly known as AustinGames, is a rebranded 1.15.2 dual-gamemode network. Enjoy casual gameplay with your friends, or gather a team and dominate on our Creative and Survival servers.

Take a break from the stress of daily life in our Creative or Survival server. Builder’s Tools and an optimized, next-generation edition of Worldedit will be provided to all players to unleash their inner creativity with. Players have the choice to choose from super-flat plots to have a blank canvas or they can choose from the vanilla plots where the terrain is natural with plots so you can test that house build. With furniture, head database, armor stand editor and many other tools you can build your truly unique plots and flex that creativity.

Not a fan of Creative mode? Our Survival server offers relaxing, endless gameplay with McMMO, intuitive land claiming, and over 200 quests! With an economy system present, take advantage of jobs to purchase things from other players or from the server! To add to the difficulty of regular Minecraft, we have challenging mobs that begin to spawn following your natural progression. Speaking of progression, there are in-game ranks that can be acquired using your in-game money and playtime to earn more perks as you progress.

With our exclusive content, continuous updates and passionate team, we seek to create a fun, unique and well-polished experience by both revolutionizing well-worn gamemodes, and creating entirely new Minecraft experiences altogether.

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Hello Everyone!

Providing an update as to what is going on!

Over the last little while, I have been tweaking the AdventureCraft Server and I think that it is time for it to have its spotlight... Introducing the MC Nexus RPG Server! This is the new default server when connecting using

For those that want a more simplistic Survival Experience, check out the MC Nexus Realm at

For those that want a creative outlet, go to

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