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Building the world of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Middle Earth (MCME) is a unmodded server where everyone is able to join and partake to build the world.

We use advanced techniques to allow new building blocks and creative options to make a highly detailed and diverse map.

We have weekly activities with a theme where you can build a small structure, terrain or project which we call Themed Builds. Our build team can rate or give feedback on your construction if you want. This feedback allows you to improve your building skills and gives you the possibility to obtain a ranks with more autonomy and creative tools (worldedit/voxelsniper).

We have a rank system that covers a broad array of aspects:

Guides are people who can help you get around the map to discover new places, learn a thing or two from the lore or partake in minigames on the map.

Foremen, Designers and Artists are people who focus on completing projects such as terrain and landmarks on the map.

Members who like helping out by making textures, models and styling can partake in our Texture Team.
We also have a Programming Team for those who are interested in writing code for plugins or minigames.

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We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been invited to set up a stand at the Lotr themed convention Tolkien Days in Geldern-Pont Western Germany. www.tolkientag.de/tolk...
Join us from the 10th of June to the 12th and experience the first ever MCME convention stand and Official Meetup. You heard that right. On top of the community members running the stand (myself, @Credoo and @aylalya) we expect other high profile community members to show up as well as anyone else that is able to make it.
While we hope that everyone could attend, we understand that it wouldn't be possible for most of you. We will be doing our best to stream a live feed from the stand over the duration of the convention and so, give you the possibility of experiencing it virtually. (no promises tho)
Finally, we have one thing we do need your help with. The Tolkien Days Screenshot Competition is now live. The winners will have the possibility of being featured on the prints for the stand. Check it out here: www.mcmiddleearth.com/comm...
For any questions and/or suggestions, you know where to find me.
See you there 😄 !

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Another Original Soundtrack for our map has been uploaded to our YouTube channel. This time around it's the shire getting a much needed atmospherical revamp. I have to thank @EffieFrag and @GotenB for the clips and editing. And @junoknight for the beautiful music. Enjoy: youtu.be/GbQ_...

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