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Welcome to Purpleninja951s better survival server

Our server now includes magic and tech

Players will choose to build freely in survival mode (with the option of land claims) or players can live in the city and utilize existing shops/homes
We have added a progression system to help add more exciting features

We are always looking for builders to develop more land and moderators to help watch over the server

We have an awesome progression system and use slimefun to make the game even more fun. We also have a villager based economy, claims, and worldguard to make our survival more enhanced. At spawn as a big and emerging city with many markets and buildings. You Spawn in a winter city and travel through a long road to get to a new and better place, to start your base, and then go to spawn to trade your items.

We are growing and have an active Discord community and are looking for staff.

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This is a great server with some of the best buildings for a winter server, the Winter theme with all the great buildings make this server good as i generally like winter worlds.

Nice Server!

I really love this server. There are no hackers or viruses, and the admins, Mollie and PurpleNinja are very nice. The city at spawn is very nice and cozy and there are a lot of shops near the city

The staff are very nice, the slimefun and progression add new things to make the game better.

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