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A community-focused Java Edition server with a Survival PvE world and a Creative flat world.

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Who are we?

N3FS is a lively, tight-knit Minecraft gaming community run by players who miss the original NerdĀ³ Servers. We have a Survival PvE world and a Creative flat world, both offering a mostly vanilla experience with a few plugins.

Why play with us?

No griefing, theft, or cheating is allowed.
Survival has a spawn town with plenty of space to build.
Player-based economy with active shops in spawn town.
On survival, we play in normal mode with a sleep plugin.
Staff are active to help resolve any issues.
Discord and Minecraft chat integration.
Basic teleportation commands: /warp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back


Most of our core players are located in Europe, although we welcome players from across the world. We are a very close community and are always welcoming to any newcomers. You can also join us on our active discord server, with a variety of channels including Minecraft chat integration.

Rules & Verification

To be able to build in creative or on survival within spawn town limits, you must verify yourself. Verification is a simple 2-step process which you can learn about here:

You can read our rules here:

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Players' comments

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The best server I've ever played on. You won't regret discovering this hidden gem.

Great small community - staff and players are active and friendly.

Friendly community, good staff, fun semi-vanilla gameplay

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