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Welcome to NMLMC

we know you see a lot of servers so lets cut straight to the chase

NMLMC SMP is a community driven server,
That builds crafts and mines the best expericence for Every single player who joins.

We Strive to improve aspects of Minecraft to make your stay the most enjoyable, While keeping that Nostilgic feeling of the great times in Minecraft.

Here is a few of our many features!
Wars, Aliiances and wilderness
PVP in Wilderness
Skills and leveling system
Hundreds of Cosmetics
Active and strong economy with playershops
/wild to random TP
Online map :

No Pressure to donate, We Treat our players equally and will not tolerate players being treated poorly, Checkout our store to see we are not pay 2 win.

Inportant stuff


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it great

good server i love it

mate its just awsome

I absolutely love this server. It has the most friendly community with little to none hackers/exploiters, besides the occasional X-Ray (Jaxontaz8 lmao). Tango, shout-outs to you, for staying cool and helping so much on the old NMLMC. Euan, you're cool too, keeping the server up. Thanks m8!

very nice

Great server, but is not quite a survival experience. This server has a /shop plugin, and as a result the server is filled with huge builds with very little grinding. If you come for a true survival experience, this is not the place. For what it is though, it is a fun place with an amazing community of kind people.


Gonna add 1h to this currently

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aka starts in 1h

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