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Server presentation

Welcome to No Mans Land Survival Build Server!

Some of our Amazing Features are,

  • Custom End Biomes and Structures! - We have a Custom End with 8 New Biomes and Hundreds of new Structures to Explore!
  • Functional Economy! - We have a Functional Economy to Build Whatever you want
  • Lockable Chests - We have the ability to secure your items in your chests, no need to worry about players Touching your items!
  • Custom Achievements! - We have Hundreds of Custom Achievements that reward players when they complete them!
  • Custom /shop! - We have A Custom Coded Shop to add the ability to get any resources you need to build wherever you are in the Game!
  • Gordon Ramsay! - the Famous Chef has joined the Server to help stop Players getting Food poisoning, Just don't let Him Catch you Eating Raw Meat!
  • Mini games Monday! - We Hold Mini games Every Monday at 8pm GMT/ 3PM EST

    Bedrock Support! join on bedrock, or on any 1.16 version!

    And So Much More!

Players' comments

gopherguts2 wrote:

Great server, but is not quite a survival experience. This server has a /shop plugin, and as a result the server is filled with huge builds with very little grinding. If you come for a true survival experience, this is not the place. For what it is though, it is a fun place with an amazing community of kind people.

Yosh wrote:

Great server, some nice architecture, a balanced economy and the owner is usually online and ready to help with whatever people need.

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Great News! Switch Players can now connect to the MC Server! Follow the guide to learn how.

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Quick update Tonight, 1 new PVP Kit added and another in the works, Plus new RandomTP system using command /rtp instead of wild

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