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NostalgiaCraft is the Minecraft survival server you've always been looking for: simple rules, minimal plugins, and a friendly community!

Our unique features that set us apart from any other survival server:

  • All players get at least one /sethome
  • Ability to toggle phantoms
  • Death coordinates
  • Ability to teleport to spawn with /spawn
  • Stairs as chairs
  • Right-click on a beehive to see the number of bees in it
  • Multiplayer sleep
    There are no vanilla gameplay modifications

Join for the experience, stay for the community:

If you're looking for a chill, no frills Minecraft server, NostalgiaCraft just might be for you. Our community is active, and there's never a shortage of people on the server to talk to! We hold events often so that you can show off your skills to the community!
This is what "Join for the experience, stay for the community" means to us.

Simple Rules:

  • No Griefing (all griefs are rolled back with no permanent damage)
  • No Hacking
  • No Toxicity

If you have any questions our dedicated staff-team and friendly community will always be willing to help you out on our discord!

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Players' comments

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Honestly the server is amazing, the staff is very co operative, helpful and nice. The community isn't toxic at all and people help eachother all the time.

The community has been nothing but friendly to me and they have made my time on this server the best I could ask for.

I’ve been playing on this server since October and the player economy is really great and everyone’s super friendly. Also you can sit on stairs so that’s a huge plus.

i've not been playing for very long and it is already amazing! nice comunity cool spawn helpfull comands. its the perfect server

Fantastic community. One of the best servers ive played on

Great community and I 100% would recommend it to anyone that's looking for a new server to play.


<a:ddrarrowright:804592415138775072> Just a huge server update <a:ddrarrowleft:804592415217418310>
To everyone who recently joined from TikTok, I welcome you to the server, I hope you'll find a home here in the NostalgiaCraft community!

NostalgiaCraft is about to make some big money moves: getting dedicated hardware, and upgrading the CPU and RAM to further boost performance!

What is happening?
Due to the recent player explosion of NostalgiaCraft, we are now reaching the limit of what our server can handle. Although our server runs fine at 20TPS with 50 players, mob spawn rates... are a bit disappointing. This is not what I would prefer for the community, hence I am __investing in powerful hardware for NostalgiaCraft!__

Here's the plan: we will get a powerful dedicated server, and begin the transition to it some time in mid-February. After then, NostalgiaCraft will be expected to get a 30% increase in performance, and faster chunk loading times and more mob spawns. After this, I will __implement a better dynamic mob spawning system that will result in way better mob spawn rates!__

How can I help?
I need everyone's support for this. Getting a dedicated server will __actually save money and operating costs over the long term, but it does not come cheap.__ The initial investment is upwards of $1k+, and the NostalgiaCraft community needs all the help we can get!

**If you would like to donate to the server, you may purchase a rank at our store:
If you have unused nitro boosts, please consider boosting the server, you can see boosting perks at Discord **

Thank you everyone for your continued time and support over the past 6 months, we as a community have gotten so much done in so little time!

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wish your favorite norwegian staff member a happy birthday @Ofsyad. Thank you for all you do for the server and being such an amazing addition to our community!

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