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Old-school vibe and a chill community meet modern quality of life features!

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Server presentation

NostalgiaCraft is the Minecraft survival server you've always been looking for: simple rules, minimal plugins, and a friendly community!

Our unique features that set us apart from any other survival server:

  • All players get one home
  • Ability to toggle phantoms
  • Death coordinates
  • Ability to teleport to spawn for community interaction
  • Normal mode, 100% villager zombification rate
  • Stairs as chairs
  • Right-click on a beehive to see the number of bees in it
  • Multiplayer sleep
    There are no vanilla gameplay modifications

Join for the experience, stay for the community:

If you're looking for a chill, no frills Minecraft server, NostalgiaCraft just might be for you. Our community is active, and there's never a shortage of people on the server to talk to! We hold weekly events (spawn building contest, photography contest, etc.) so that you can show off your skills to the community. If Minecraft gets boring sometimes for you then consider the fact that our community gets together frequently to play other games, be it from Among Us,, bed-wars, and more!
This is what "Join for the experience, stay for the community" means to us.

Simple Rules:

  • No Griefing (all griefs are rolled back with no permanent damage)
  • No Hacking
  • No Toxicity

If you have any questions our dedicated staff-team and friendly community will always be willing to help you out on our discord!

Players' comments

CowboyRende wrote:

This server is amazing! Spawn looks magnificent and creative. Super nice and active community.

Loaf wrote:

Its a very nice sever, with great performance (if you care about that) a great community.

LiL_Blinger wrote:

Great server. Been on it for a while. the community is great.

Lowkey wrote:

I absolutely love NostalgiaCraft! The community is so talented and amazing. Literally the best multiplayer vanilla survival server Ive ever played.

Megaman wrote:

I love this server the community is great with one of the nicest server owners ive ever seen this is by far one of my favorite smp servers

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Happy birthday to @WhiteFlame <a:partyBlob:754485949374922827>

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I would like to thank everyone for all your support that has taken NostalgiaCraft this far! Each and every one of you should be proud of what you have made this server into, and the contributions you've given. I'd like to thank all of our Nitro boosters for boosting the server and allowing us to show off that awesome banner!

NostalgiaCraft is a level 2 discord now, all members have higher quality VC and a higher image upload limit! Go off to Discord and show off your builds, Discord, etc!

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