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Welcome to The Ocean Sanctuary!
An underwater paradise, full with games, a hangout, and more!
What are you waiting for? Dive in!

We currently offer; Skyblock, Survival, Creative Plots, Bedwars, Roleplay Maps, Murder Mystery, and Parkour!
We host seasonal events where you can earn great rewards.
Feeling lonely? Talking in the server chat sends your message straight into the discord server channel and allows everyone there to talk with you!
We have loads of updates on the way, be sure you're there when they come out!

So, what are you waiting for..?
Dive in!

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Id say this server is pretty fun to play on!! and not only that i got to meet the owners themselves theyre super helpful and nice this server is amazing

Hello There! This is real Nagito Komaeda, and I think this server is very hopeful considering it was made by Hinata-kun. They even have a Hopes peak murder mystery map.. very hopeful!

It was a pretty good server, a few days after I joined they literally added a new minigame so it seems pretty well maintained.

As the owner, I think the server is pretty cool. 😎


Important Announcement regarding the future of Ocean Sanctuary

After some hard thinking, I’ve come to the conclusion that the discord server will be shutting down from public use, all users kicked, and all invites revoked. Why? Despite attempts to try and get players to log in and for us to advertise the server, all attempts failed. (such as the egg hunt event, which was the biggest event we put out.) With the server’s recent funding problem, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have the money and time to keep putting cash and work into a failing project, so the server will be limited to me and my friends to play on every once and awhile, I’m sure this isn’t much of a change since nobody logged into the server often except me and my friends, but I wouldn’t want to kick everyone and revoke all invites without warning.

Thank you all for joining this server to check us out, the changes above will take place on this date:

May 2nd, 2021 at 5PM PST

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be alive rn

nap time is over

🧡~Zhongli~🖤 avatar

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