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Build your castle, team up, and raid other castles with guns, traps, and grenades!

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Castle Wars is a unique gamemode where you can build a castle with your friends, form alliances, and raid other castles for loot and points.

More about the gamemode

You begin with a small castle which you can modify to your liking. When you join, your castle is protected with a shield. Use this time to build up your defences and get guns, armor, and other gear to prepare for raids.

When one castle raids another, both castles are copied into a raid arena opposite each other. Each side can invite up to two allies. The winners receive money, gear, and status points. Make sure to always be prepared – you may be raided at any time!

Other features

  • Guns and grenades. Fight with snipers, RPGs, grenades, and more.
  • Custom bosses. Defeat one of four custom boss mobs and their minions in the boss areas located in the castle world. These bosses will not prove easy to defeat — be prepared!
  • Levels. Level up by meeting money and item requirements to earn progressively higher shop discounts, item rewards, and other perks.
  • Creative. Plan your castle out on a creative plot, or build your own unrelated builds with WorldEdit and Armor Stand Tools.
  • Minigames. Relax with some rounds of Capture the Flag, Mob Arena with building, Spleef, or parkour.
  • Easter eggs. Explore the elaborate spawn for hidden easter eggs and achievements.

What to expect when you join

  • When you first join ophion.cc, you’ll find yourself in the new player area with several short tutorials explaining the gamemode. Jump into the portal to generate your castle in the castle world.
  • The default castle is fairly simple. A common way to start is by mining some cobblestone and building a quick roof to protect yourself from snipers, a wall to allow you to expand your castle in safety, and buying a gun or two. Your castle will be protected by a shield for the first couple hours after you join to give you time to prepare some basic defenses.
  • Gather resources at the mines to craft weapons and armor to add to your raid inventory, the special inventory that you have during raids.
  • When you raid or are raided by another castle, your two castles will be copied into a raid arena opposite each other. Each side can invite up to two allies. Common offensive raid strategies often include pre-loaded TNT cannons, sniper positions, RPGs, and enderpearls; defensive strategies often include traps, obsidian, and walls. The side that kills all players in the opposing castle wins and may choose their rewards.

Ophion Castle Wars is a highly polished server with a close-knit community. We look forward to meeting you!

Players' comments

Kosame wrote:

Castle War's gameplay is an interesting combination of Skyblock and Factions with defeats being far less punishing than the latter and building far easier than the former. Ophion is an exceptional server run by a stellar administration team and home to a fantastic community of lighthearted friends that can compare to a family.

Castle Wars is designed to be a fusion of Skyblock and Factions. It is meant to give players a process of building yourself up and taking your accomplishments on to a battlefield with defeat not being nearly as punishing. PvP is always enabled on your own plot, blocks can never be broken, and bases can be entirely safe from infiltration so long as you take the necessary steps. Most players, when looking for a fight, will initiate a "raid" that allows them to demand you join them in an arena that forces you and your castle to defend yourselves. This allows players to experience more factions oriented PvP. Upon defeat, however, you will only lose a random few items from your specified raid inventory to prevent total reset. This allows you to defend yourself with whatever gear you choose, but not be punished as hard for being caught with your pants down in a fight you aren't entirely ready for.

The duality of Ophion Castle Wars is a nice blend between peacefully working towards improving your plot of land and preparing yourself for mediumly high stakes raiding that never permanently harms the hard work you put into playing on the server.

One critique of this system is the lack of incentive to engage in PvP. Ophion does a good job of encouraging skyblock style building up and shaping of your castle to make your plot look the best you can make it. However, as it is designed to be a fusion including Factions there is only barely enough reward when initiating PvP with other players. For a social community this is fantastic and definitely helps players stay active in chat and communicate with each other as friendly neighbors, but there isn't quite enough incentive to FIGHT! Which others may consider a major drawback.

Ophion, the community, has been together since the early days of Minecraft's multiplayer boom. The community has risen and fallen in numbers over the years and often times leads people to ask new players who join the question "Are you an OG player?" or "Are you an old member?" and this is always asked with fond remembrance of the days that Ophion could boast 20+ people at any given hour of the day. The community all hold on to nostalgia of how much they enjoyed each other's company "back in the day."

The tightness of the community would most certainly be its only realistic detriment. The Ophion community is very friendly with each other and and often leads to many of them being hesitant to step on each other's toes. This, naturally, does not really work in conjunction with the Factions style of gameplay. Often engaging in combat as a new player is difficult because in the heat of the moment many long-time members of Ophion will call on the aid of the server to back them up in any confrontation they may find themselves in. Be it verbal jousting or actual combat new members will always find themselves "outnumbered" until they earn the respect of the community. While Ophion itself encourages PvPing and friendly competition. The community surrounding Ophion often does not take to it kindly. Many of the players do everything they can to avoid it, focusing instead on the building and social aspect of Ophion - Castle Wars.

The biggest challenge any new player may have when joining Ophion is playing long enough to make themselves comfortable with the community for whatever they wish to fulfil out of playing Ophion Castle Wars. Focusing heavily on PvPing most certainly will make you many enemies very quickly. However, if your goal is to enjoy a unique spin on Skyblock this is an amazing server to experience!

Hypro_26 wrote:

Castle wars is pretty fun. you get your own plot to build on. most people make a disgusting ass box. besides that it has a pretty good system. minimal bugs, but they can always be fixed. the mods have no clue what they are doing, except fore Shined. I enjoy everything except for getting no-scoped by people on their build limit fugly ass box.

Harry wrote:

Prior to Ophion's shutdown in ~2018, I had played the server for nearly 6 consecutive years. It had plenty of gamemodes, including Skyblock, Factions, and AvatarSurvival, to name a few. Castle Wars, however, always stuck out. It's an incredibly unique gamemode combining certain aspects of Skyblock with a heavily PVP oriented server. Players each get their own protected plots, and can attack other plots using the command /raid which brings both castles into a separate world to fight one another (not the most elaborate explanation, but there is a lot more information available on the server). Your plot is yours and yours alone to edit (unless you invite teammates), allowing you to build freely without worrying about griefers or damage. It has the best of both worlds: protected builds along with intense pvp. The economy is perfectly balanced, and certain plug-ins such as the level-up system (which grants access to different parts of the server) and guns help make it even more exciting. I'm thrilled that Ophion has finally reopened and is focusing all of its attention to its most distinctive server. It deserves all of the hype that it gets and more.

Berend wrote:

Playing on this server is very exciting to me. It has a level up system, and upgrading your castle is fun too. There are lots of things to do to progress, such as a parkour and a mobarena. Pvp between castles is very fun too. There was this one guy who shot me a lot at the start though, can't actually rememer his name.

JOSH wrote:

I've been playing on this server for a few days and so far players have been really friendly. Building defenses against enemies in castles next to eachother is really fun but challenging. I only wish ActuallyMeme wouldn't L96 everyone so much.

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Latest Castle Wars Changes |
• Fixed mobs, item frames, and other entities not properly loading with your castle. You can now keep animals without them suffocating or going away!
• Fixed invisible blocks in castles in which nothing could be placed. These were invisible pistons.
• Resolved not being able to instantly break blocks in spleef.
• Players are now teleported out of a castle if a shield has been activated. This should prevent players from getting stuck.
• Fixed issue with not all hoppers/chests etc being removed in a raid. This also fixes an issue with not all blocks counting for the blockscore.
• Attempting to accept an ally raid invite incorrectly now gives a helpful message rather than an error.
• Attempting to invite a second ally no longer shows an error.
• Resolved issues with the anti-cheat not performing optimally.

• You can now see remaining shield and raid cooldown time in the /raid interface.
• Castle party size has been increased from 5 to 6.
• Block score and other high numbers are now nicely formatted and more readable.
• Wool, sand, and sandstone have been added to the /blockscore.
• Server optimisations now allow a further viewing distance in many worlds.
• Mobs now have a wider range detection in the Mob Arena.
• Added /workbench to Premium.
• Added /hdb (decorative heads) and /skull for Creative to Premium and Level 3.
• Changed server plan to reduce monthly server costs. Should not have any noticeable effects. If you think it does, let us know.

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Latest Castle Wars Changes |
HUGE raid update!
At the end of a raid you can now pick what reward you would like (items, money, or mercy). Initiating a raid has also changed. You can now use /raid to open the raid interface and see exactly who is and isn't raidable at the moment as well as helpful statistics.

• Despawn rate for cobblestone is no longer quicker than other blocks.
• Fixed several bugs surrounding inviting allies to a raid.
• Resolved a lag loop with unloading castles.
• Fixed a rare bug causing castles to be saved in a half-unloaded state.
• Fixed an issue with RPGs exploding directly when fired.
• Fixed an issue which would result in a player getting stuck in spectator mode.
• Make sure a person is teleported out of a loading castle. A loading castle also has a shield.
• Fixed an issue with crops and waterflow(?) sometimes breaking during a castle load.
• Fixed an issue which would repair items in your raid inventory at the end of a raid.

• Added /vote and /voteparty to whitelisted commands during castle load/raid.
• Castle loading now shows up in the middle of the screen.
• Added a message informing you how many raid points you won/lost at the end of a raid.
• Players in the same castle are informed who received what reward at the end of a raid.
• Attacking party in a raid now gets a 5 minute shield regardless of a win or loss.
• Raid countdown now starts at 60 seconds and time is not added when somebody joins since the timer pauses when a castle loads in already.

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