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Community creative, survival, and minigames.

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Panelcade is an always improving place to play creative, survival, and our minigames.


Creative Access with /cr

On Panelcade you’ll find a great place to show off your creative building skills or redstone contraptions, or to just learn and hone your skills. Creative is also where you are will be able to earn Member rank, to gain access to worldedit and the survival server!

Survival Access with /su

Panelcade survival is a place where you can build anything from a mansion to an dirt hut, all without having to worry about others stealing or griefing your builds. With our approach of having an experience as close to vanilla Minecraft as possible, you won’t have to worry about an economy plugin or complicated claim system. Even if you aren’t into building, there’s always something to do.

Minigames Access with /mg

Want to show off your skills in tntrun, spleef, or pvp? Join our minigames server for a custom made plugin made with user feedback in mind, with our current adaptations of tntrun, spleef, bowspleef, and FFA.

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veeri naas


🤖 The linkup bot has gotten a fix for failing to read the servers member list. Most linkups should be fine, but if any broke they can be fixed with a simple relink with /linkup

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Panelcade now supports 1.17, and a new Ice Run minigame is here!
⛏️ You can now use 1.17 clients to join panelcade, a full server update is coming soon.
🧊 Ice Run is a new minigame similar to tntrun, with ice that slowly breaks when stood on.
🎚️ Creative now has a help page for inputcooldown.
🐲 Survival has a new ender dragon damage leaderboard, and shop areas at spawn.

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