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Pirate themed Minecraft server with working ships and cannons!

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  • Connect: mc.piratemc.com
  • Website: https://www.piratemc.com
  • Discord: https://discord.piratemc.com
  • Rules: https://piratemc.com/information/rules/
  • Live Map: https://piratemc.com/map/
  • Getting Started: https://piratemc.com/guides/getting-started/
  • Detailed Guides: https://piratemc.com/guides/

PirateCraft is a Pirate themed Minecraft survival server. We are a 5 year tight-knit community that’s developed over the years into a wonderful family.

Our ethos for running PirateCraft is to have a permanent map that isn’t ever Reset, builds will be kept and protected, you can disappear for 3 months and come back to carry on where you left off! We’ve had players come back after 3 years and continue where they left off!

The world doesn’t get stale, Land & abandoned claims are regenerated over time to keep it fresh and clean, players can request Claims and Land to be removed and regenerated by our Staff Team.

Staff act like police, they only intervene when asked, you are mostly left to make your own way in PirateCraft, be it Solo or an Empire. We have a rich History documented over the years on our Wiki https://wiki.piratemc.com/PirateCraft_Timeline

Getting Started

There are no hurdles to get started, spawn is small, you just need to leave it in any direction to get started.
You spawn a deckhand on a shipwreck just off the coast, where has your crew gone? Gather resources and build yourself a home to survive. Do you Build your own Empire or Join an existing one? Maybe you fight as cut-throat solo Pirate laying down your own rules!


  • Moving ships, you can design and build your own ships then sail them, no mods needed! Battle, sink and steal Pirate ships, attach our working cannons too!
  • Build and shoot cannons!
  • Vast Crew System
  • Survival game play with GriefPrevention protection and siege turned on.
  • Build custom working Portcullis gates for castles!
  • Build working bridges for your castle moats!
  • Ranking system, to work your way up through the ranks unlocking bigger ships and perks
  • Custom brewing of your own grog! Custom brewing technique, age your grog in barrels!
  • Player marketplace to rent shops and sell/buy!
    *No mods needed! Join now at mc.piratemc.com


  • Videos https://piratemc.com/videos/
  • Gallery https://piratemc.com/gallery/ (Needs a lot of photos added!)
  • Blog of competitions & Builds of the Month are listed on the homepage https://piratemc.com/

We look forward to meeting you!

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Players' comments

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If you are looking for a survival server with an amazing community, look no further. This world full of Pirates, thieves, scammer but also builders, salesmen, miners and privateers will surprise you in its depths of all aspects of minecraft. Using just Vanilla you can build & sail huge ships, fire cannons, create shops, siege the unsuspecting landlubber, start and crush crews as well as empires.
Join and take a look :)

Excellent player experience. Working ships, claims to protect your items and builds, player ran shops, and lots of room on the map to stake your claim and build your own port! This server offers a lot to all types of players, from those who like to wander, build, or pvp. Very large, active community with a discord for instant help with issues. Join us today at Mc.piratemc.com

Running this server for over 7 years has been an absolutely amazing experience playing and making friends, we recently passed over 200,000 unique visitors which is mind boggling! By far the most amazing part of the PirateCraft experience are people playing together in Crews everyday!



🟢 Included enderpearl machines in farms that are __not allowed__.
🔸These have been illegal for a few years but I forgot to add them.
🟡 Fixed wording and general grammar on rules page.

🔗 piratemc.com/info...

Xeron avatar

Survival/Creative - For the Team

🟢 For and Created /setcreativecraftsman <username> & /setsurvivalcraftsman <username> to quickly set craftsman without remembering the long syntax and contexts needed, this defaults at 1 week, you can use it multiple times to add more time.
🔸 Will work next restart, and only from Survival atm.
🟢 For and Created /removecreativecraftsman <username> & /removesurvivalcraftsman <username> which will remove craftsman without remembering the long syntax or contexts required for creative.
🔸 Will work next restart, and only from Survival atm.
🟡 Fixed /oe to open EnderChest

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