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Designed to be the open-world RPG Pokemon game that we all so badly wanted in our childhoods, Pokehills offers each player the chance to forge their own journey through a gorgeous, interactive world.

After receiving their shiny starter, players can roam through the world, building their team up and challenging the gyms scattered across the expansive region. After progressing through the Elite 4 to become the champion, a new region becomes available, with a new series of gym challenges!

Want to up the ante by challenging yourself after beating the game? Pokehills offers a ton of post-game content (because who wasn’t a little disappointed with SwSh’s lack thereof?), including a Battle Tower — where you can take on consecutive trainers to earn Battle Points, a Battle Dome — where you can challenge other players with Showdown rules, and a unique new Battle Crane system — where you can reel pokemon out of a pond to build your team, then take on other players with it!

Buy a ticket to our Regular Safari for ten minutes of entry, during which you can capture tons of new, rare pokemon for your team. If you’re the Champion of the region, you can even enter our Legendary Safari — which is just about what it says on the tin!

In addition to all these features, we have a robust player-driven economy with a digital marketplace, fun minigames and events — plus boosters and pokemon editors that run off tokens you can win from these events, Pokemon auras, and lots more unique features that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Minor QoL Feature has been added:

PvP Toggling!

You now have the power to turn off PvP in claims. To do this, run /cf then just click true right next to PvP in that list and it will change to false meaning it is off! To turn it back on, click false and see it change back to true!

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Recent Changes pushed and PokeHills in 2021!

Hello !

I have begun reworking some stuff in anticipation for some newer features coming in 2021! The next time you join you may notice some of the following:

- PokeBuilder Tokens displayed in the Tab Menu as well as in /menu when you hover over PokeBuilder

- PokeHills Game Corner is now open with all new slots! Better payouts but more investment!

- The change in the message above has now been implemented! No more Elite 4! Complete the 6 Gyms and then off to the Island Expansion or Battle Tower! (If you have already turned in your badgecase and were challenging the Elite 4, please let me know!)

So let's talk 2021, My course load was not very forgiving last semester and as a result I got more busy and was unable to be involved on the server as I would have liked but this coming semester should be significantly lighter so I will do my best to be involved more! I would love to add to our staff so if you are interested see discord.com/chan...

There are some things to be on the lookout for in both the short-term and the long-term:

- The Daycare Dimension will be getting a revamp with an all-new custom-made build (Build is done, just need to tweak it and it is ready to release).

- Some additional Daily tasks and rewards are in the works.

- Custom Textured Pokemon have already been designed and are just waiting on me to flip the switch.

- The Battle Dojo will take the place of the Ultra Training and offer some ways to EV train your Pokemon.

- A brand new Server Shop system has been built and we will be implementing it soon.

- The new Super Safari Expedition is being finalized (more details soon).

Think that is about it! As always, sound off in Discord your thoughts or questions and make a suggestion by running -suggest in Discord !

Prof. Austin

Super Safari Expedition Pokemon!

Please hop on this spreadsheet and submit which Pokemon you would like to see!

Specify which Pokemon, the type it will be featured with, and the rarity (see the final list sheet for the exact odds).

The way the Super Safari Expedition will work is a bit different compared to what you might think. The Super Safari Expedition has a grid of with every biome and each of those biome zones will be matched with a type. You will wander in that zone and then a pokemon will appear and auto-start a battle (like walking in the grass on a main series Pokemon game). The odds are outlined in the Final Sheet but they are not final. The odds are more so meant to give an idea!


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