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Project Mondes goal is to try and make land claiming servers fun or just better in general and to impove apon lesser used things within the game. For our land claiming we use GriefPrevention or also know as Golden Shovel Most of you have probably used this plugin before, but we have some small changes to it such as enabling siege. Yes I know lots of servers use this plugin. I should get back onto track on what this server has to offer. In this server we have player shops, custom ore spawns, a different/unique tpa system, we use EWG or EpicWorldGenerator for our world generation. We also have other things within this server as well. Come and check out our server if you want to try something some what new. One last thing, we support all versions above 1.8

Server Features

• Land Claiming
• Player Shops
• Economy
• EWG For World Generation
• Distance Based Prices For Home And Tpa
• Easy Tree Chopping
• Faster Minecarts
• Biome Dependent Ores
• Better Caves
• Custom Structures
• Full Support For 1.8 through 1.15.2
• Xp bar to Xp bottles

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its been really fun playing on this sever

very good server would reccomend 10/10

Project Monde is a really fun server, and the server in general is really nice. Theres also beautiful biomes and randomly generated structures that you can find and explore. The most recent update which is caves aging, is one of my favorite things as it makes the caves look so interesting and if you need some food you can most likely find some mushrooms to make some stew. My favorite place to go to aside from Monde is Commerce where you can have your own shop and can buy things from others. It's especially helpful since if you neeed certain resources you can probably find them there or just get weapons or helpful tools from there. The people on Project Monde are also really nice and funny. In Monde there is a currency/bank thing so you can deposit ores such as iron, gold etc,. for money and withdraw ores based on how much money you have. This money can also be used in commerce to buy items. Overall I really love this server and enjoy it and I hope anyone else who decides to join enjoys it as much as me and my friends do.

I started last week and this server has been super duper cool. The community is great and people always like to help each other. I honestly like this better than High Pixel. You will have a great time playing on this server.

iv been playing on project monde for awile and its great with the epic world generation the shops and the great community im on there for hours every day this server has a economy which iv had trouble finding servers with in the past the only thing this server dose not have is pvp but even without pvp the server is awesome


ProjectMonde will be releasing to 1.16, I just need to wait a bit longer for some of the plugins we use are 1.16 compatible. I do know most plugins should work fine with 1.16 but I just want to wait till it's safe. Especially for EpicWorldGenerator, they are currently having some issues with porting over to the newer version

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It's been quite a while since the last time I posted an update here. We recently just added one new custom enchantment named "AutoSmelt" this enchantment can only be put onto pickaxes. When using the enchantment on ores like iron and gold it will automatically smelt them without you having to do so. This enchantment can only be gotten by using the command /autosmelt or /customenchant autosmelt I hope you all enjoy this new update and have a great day

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