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Classic Survival

A classic survival server that offers little to no modification to the vanilla server, allowing users to experience Minecraft the vanilla way.

Town Protection System

Tired of malicious user griefing your hard work? RammyCraft features custom made Town Protection System to protect your build. The system is highly customizable allowing user to set behaviors such as fire spread and friendly fire! The system also features a PR system allowing members from other town to access your town with configurable build and break permission.

Chest Protection System

You can prevent your precious loot from getting stolen by other players or even your town members! The system allows you to define who you want to share the chest content with anytime you want. The system covers various chest type such as chest, trapped chest, shulker box, hopper, furnance and many more. It even helps protect your chest from those sneaky creepers that blows up behind you while you are not looking around!

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Owner randomly banned users for fales reason and admin were rude.


Server Maintenance 14

Dear RammyCrafters,

Server will be going down on Sunday, 10:00AM for scheduled maintenance. During this downtime, server will be inaccessible. The ExploreWorld will be reset during this time. Do move out your important items from the world before the reset to avoid losing any items.

Date: 7th March 2021
Expected Downtime: 10:00AM - 10:30AM
World Reset: ExploreWorld


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RammyCraft v1.16.5-0

Good day RammyCrafters,

The 13th server maintenance is now complete and server has been officially updated to 1.16.5. As per usual, server is under testing phase for a week to ensure that there is no game breaking issues. Server was backed up prior to the maintenance so we can roll back to the working state if there is any issue. Enjoy the new update!


- Refactor sleep broadcast to use bossbar instead to declutter chat (Experimental). May have some UI bug but the logic still work the same.
- Sleep trigger is now at 40%, reduced from 50%

- Streamlined /tpa command. Running /tpa can now be optionally run with player name to directly request for teleportation. Usage:
/tpa - Opens TPA GUI
/tpa - Request teleportation instantly
- Clean up whisper message a little bit to make it less cluttered.
- Fix whisper not working with /msg

- Optimize hopper detection, there were some cases where too many hopper minecart with chest on top of it (Automated farm) causing a lot of server lag. This optimization should hopefully help reduce the load.

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