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ResistanceCraft Tornado Survival

The Original Tornado Survival Server, Owned By FireResistance

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ResistanceCraft is a multiplayer Minecraft server for those who have an interest in weather and modding. It is realistic survival with towns, roads, and shops juxtaposed with storm chasing and tornadoes to create a Minecraft server experience like no other.

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This server is full of fun and adventurous things to do, you can go to space, build a nuclear reactor, drive/ fly around and much more. the community is great, helpful and active.

Actually pretty good. Should be more played.

Good server with good mods

Very Fun Server when we used to play (just don't tell them we had a nuclear reactor in the back of our shed, OOPS!) anyway I would love to come back and try something different this time

It is an amazing server with friendly staff and a lovely aways growing community


it is my pleasure to announce the newest additions to our staff team, @tigero, @Zeemitri, and @Awesome__Luke! Make sure to congratulate them!!

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