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XRUN - The original Xrun from !!! Over 70 maps, and all the RAGE!
SURVIVAL - Servers with 1.16.4 features! Mcmmo! Anti-Grief, non-pvp.
STORYBOOK - Finally a way to play adventure maps, without any of the hassle of down-loading and installing resourcepacks!
LABYRINTH - A Pvp adventure through the corridors of evil. Find the exit, or die trying!
HYPERDRIVE! - Extreme Fast Flying!
MAGECRAFT! - is custom gamemode of Survival where all is magic and magic rules. Bringing to life the Myths and Legends of the world! Create custom items, altars and summon creatures! Use spells from wands that level up to make you the best wizard!
CREATIVE! - with huge plots to create what your imagination holds.
SKYBLOCK! - Falling is not an option! Create the best ever base from basically nothing!
Power Surge! - Custom game where your good ability is only good till your power supply runs out! Collect, trade for items needed to win and PVP your way to victory!
H2O! - A unique underwater "hunger games" style game with treasure chests that hold special custom items! Beautiful arenas and gameplay!
Wither Wars! - Our Custom game that lets you be a wither and do what withers love to do.... blow up everything in sight to knock out your opponents!

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It is a very fun server and the community is wonderful! So many fun games! Staff works very hard to keep things relevant and fun!

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