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Ruqquscraft 💜

Hey there! Thank you for clicking on our server ad! Ruqquscraft is a small network of servers including semi-vanilla smp, and creative plots. Ruqquscraft was founded back in August 2020 by Kronus_ (my minecraft username), and we're nearly a year old now! Since then we have been growing our small community of players. Our community is tight-knit, integrated with Discord (in game chat and Discord chat is bridged), and very friendly and welcoming! We hope you give us a shot!

You can find our Discord link in the Quick Links section below, but I recommend reading through the ad first to see if Ruqquscraft seems right for you! Survival is currently greylisted, so if you’re interested in joining us full time please join our Discord and fill out an application in #applications in order to be verified :)

Must be 16 years or older to apply

▶ About Us & Core Values

I started Ruqquscraft back when I was getting back into Minecraft in 1.16.3, I am a college grad with a degree in Comp Sci and I love to tinker around with redstone, create awesome builds, and just hang out with my server community in general. I like to encourage all styles of play, whether you like to create automated redstone farms or you prefer to make epic builds or even collaborate with friends to make a town, I want Ruqquscraft to be a place where there is something for everyone.

My goal is not only to create an active and friendly Minecraft environment, but to also develop and grow a community of friends as well. We have had a solid core userbase since the beginning, but we are always looking to expand our community and make new friends wherever they may come from. Of course, we would love to get to know you!!

Here are some of the core values we've been consistently following since the beginning

  • Welcoming & Friendly

Ruqquscraft is committed to creating an environment where players feel welcome and included, the staff are good people and an integral part of the community and love to help out newcomers! Every playstyle is welcome, and we love to see the creative ways you play and build in Minecraft. Staff members on Ruqquscraft are friendly and down to earth people who are essentially just another player, but with the power to help resolve problems should they arise.

  • Community Driven & Transparent

We are committed to stick close to vanilla gameplay without any major changes, the /plugins command is enabled so you can see exactly what plugins we are running at any time and any change that would affect gameplay is voted on by the community on Discord before it is added to the server. We value feedback, and we want to make Ruqquscraft a place that is fun for the people playing it, because at the end of the day that is what matters most to me.

  • Commitment to Vanilla

From the beginning we have stuck close to the vanilla experience for our survival server and have used a minimal amount of plugins, the plugins we do add are generally for quality of life and are voted on before they are added to ensure the majority is ok with it. We perform no map resets and communicate any major changes with the community whenever they come up.

▶ Quick Links

Server Address:



Survival Map:

Creative Map:

▶ Rules

Here's a list of rules that we follow on Ruqquscraft

Be kind to your fellow player (AKA the Golden Rule)

No griefing or stealing

No hacked clients or client side mods that provide unfair advantages, mods like minimaps or litematica are acceptable

Just be nice and friendly, we want to have a good time!

Don't ask for OP, staff, or spam the chat

No lag devices or chunkloaders

No sharing of personal information, be it your own or other player's

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Such a cool and friendly server.

The server community is amazing, and everyone is very helpful. The staff are active always making improvements. Really great server overall!

Great server, has a lot of cool builds, really just needs more people though


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