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8 Years, website with dynmaps, and no resets ever!

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Network is 1.16.3
No resets! This server has been around for 8 years, and buildings from then are still here. Your work will never be lost!

Hub Server offering Survival (Hard) (Large Biomes), Normal Survival, and Creative modes.

High performance NVMe, databases, and 1gig uplink.
Routine offsite backups to AWS for data protection.

Visit the website for Live DynMaps

Server Valhalla is nearly a decade old, it has been around since 2012.

One of the things that sets this server apart is its longevity, and no map resets. The map since the first anvil format (Minecraft 1.2.1) is still around. One of the promises kept back then is no map resets, and that is still being honored. The old map from nearly a decade ago is still hosted.

You can be confident that you will not lose your time investment building here.

The goal of this server network is to provide a clean and no-nag Minecraft experience. I have never and will never ask for monetary donations. The rules and functionality have not changed much since 2012. You automatically rank up by playtime, and voting. All players who were at least Rank 2 pre-overhaul on September 8th, 2020 have now been set as veteran ranks globally across the server network.

The rules are simple:
– Please be kind and respect one another
– Please keep the survival landscapes free from floating structures (trees, buildings, etc…). If you want to build a floating structure, feel free to do so in creative.
– Do not build offensive structures. These will be removed.
– Do not build low effort towers (1×1 dirt towers, etc). These will be removed.
– Refrain from asking for staff positions
– Most importantly, have fun!

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