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The server started in 2011 when the game mode DvZ was first populised by many Youtubers.
Today we are a small, growing community that mainly play during the weekends.

Why join us?

We host a custom build game called Dwarves vs Zombies. DvZ is an action packed game where you play as a powerful dwarf who must defend their shrines from the hordes of monsters.
When you die you become a monster, we'll disguise you to look like them and give you their abilities.

Useful DvZ info

  • All monsters have special abilities, read the item lore to see what you can do!
  • Dwarves have a instant healing potion that will restore them to full health at the cost of 2 hunger.
  • Dwarves have a spell book to summon stone and food, spells cost mana, your XP bar displays your mana.
  • Monsters always attack from the north, so build defense for the shrine towards the north.

About DvZ

At the start the game everyone joins as a Dwarf, they have a full minecraft day to build defense and protect their shrines. When night falls an event will occur, often a powerful Dragon or Wither will attack and any dwarves that die will become a monster. At midnight the battle begins, zombies and many other monster classes start to attack the dwarves, each dwarf that dies will join the monster team. The game ends when all the dwarves die or the monsters capture all the shrines.

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Sunday's weekly games starting now!

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Saturday's weekly has started, monsters are out rn 10 players already

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